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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
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News > Battle Royale > Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

TimTheTatman gets his first Fall Guys victory to over 300k viewers

The streamer's long overdue first Fall Guys crown came after weeks of perseverance as the gaming community rallied behind him to witness the memorable feat on Twitch.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has taken over the gaming world ever since it was released in PC and PS4 this past 4th August. Lately, the story of TimTheTatman became the center of attention, as the Twitch streamer failed in the most ludicrous of ways to get his first win in the battle royale.

timthetatman wins

Everyone, from the official Fall Guys social media to ESPN took shots at the content creator for his lack of victories. Lucky for him, all the memes and jokes are going to be put to rest as the content creator finally conquered the battle royale, becoming the winner in his most dreaded final minigame of them all -- Hex-a-Gone.

As soon as the moment happened on stream, which peaked at a little over 300,000 viewers, social media exploded with reactions, with phrases like "I was here," "Tim did it," and "He did it" immediately popping up as trending topics on Twitter.

After days of trolling, even the Fall Guys account recognised Tim's achievement.

We're happy to see such a wholesome moment that unites the gaming community in these hard times, but now we're wondering, can Tim become a two-time Fall Guys champion? Guess we'll have to wait and see.