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How To Join Fallout 76 Public Test Servers

Players can get access Public Test Servers for Fallout 76 s. Here's how to do it.
How To Join Fallout 76 Public Test Servers

Throughout the years, Fallout 76 has seen a massive amount of updates, each one adding some much-needed content. When Fallout 76 first launched, the game felt pretty bareboned. But now, there's a lot of content available for players, and as you might imagine that's seen the game go from strength to strength.

When a new season starts, there are a lot of new events that arrive along with new items and equipment. To make sure that all of these items work, Bethesda puts them to a stress test in the Public Test Servers (PTS). Here, we will go over how players can access the PTS so they can check out Fallout 76 content early.

How To Get Access Public Test Servers For Fallout 76

An important thing to note is that it seems like the Public Test Servers are only available for PC players. Console players cannot access Fallout 76 PTS at this time. Once this changes, we will update this page to reflect that information. Another important note is that to access Fallout PTS, players will have to do so through Steam.

Fallout 76 PTS
Getting into the public test servers in Fallout 76 is actually not too difficult. (Picture: Bethesda)

There was a recent update that allowed players to access pretty easily. If players own a copy of Fallout 76 on Steam, they will automatically get the PTS for Fallout in their library. That means that all players need to do is select PTS on Steam and then they should be on the servers. That is of course, so long as Bethesda has those servers live for testing.

What To Do In Public Test Servers For Fallout 76

The PTS are servers where players get to test out updates for Fallout 76 before they go live in the public. For example, if there is upcoming Season 16 content but the live servers are in Season 15, the PTS will allow players to check out Season 16 content early. The PTS is a great way for fans to get into the next season as soon as possible.

Fallout 76 Public Test Servers How To Get Into
The PTS is designed to get rid of bugs for the next big update of Fallout 76. (Picture: Bethesda)

It's important to keep in mind that the PTS and public live servers are completely different from each other. The progress made in PTS will not carry over into your main Fallout 76 account. So do not go in expecting a head start. It's a server meant to fix bugs and test content in-game ahead of a live rollout. Players can report bugs found in PTS through the official Fallout 76 Discord channel.