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Fallout 76 Patch Notes: Season 14 Update & Latest Changes (September 2023)

If you want to know what is in the latest patch notes for Fallout 76, check out this page for that information.
Fallout 76 Patch Notes: Season 14 Update & Latest Changes (September 2023)

Fallout 76 is a live service game that gets a lot of different updates to make sure that players are always getting something new. Sometimes, the game goes down for maintenance to make sure that the live service is working properly and to make sure that the game is updated. So it is important to keep a note of when Fallout 76 goes down for updates.

The updates for Fallout 76 could really be anything. They can fix the various bugs in the game, balance the weapons, or be major content drops. Whenever Fallout 76 receives a major update, players should be aware of what is being added so they can know what to look for. That is why we have created this Fallout 76 patch notes page to help you know what is happening in the game with every update that Bethesda Game Studios release.

5 September 2023 Update - We've checked for the latest news and patch notes.

Fallout 76 Patch Notes
This page will be updated regularly with the latest patch notes for Fallout 76. (Picture: Bethesda)

Latest Fallout 76 Patch Notes

Down below, you will be able to see not only the latest patch notes for Fallout 76 but some previous patch notes as well.

22 August 2023 - Season 14 - Update Patch Notes


Check the download sizes below for today's patch on your platform of choice:

  • PC (Steam): 2.6 GB
  • PC (Microsoft Store): 11.5 GB
  • PlayStation: 10.9 GB
  • Xbox: 11.4 GB




We've made adjustments to the level requirements for various existing Perk cards to make them more accessible for lower level characters and added the ability to open multiple Perk card packs at once!


We've added two new Perk cards; Arms Keeper and Stable Tools!

  • Arms Keeper: Reduces the weight of Rifles. (25% / 50% / 75% per Perk card rank.)
  • Stable Tools: Automatic melee weapon durability bonus. (10% / 25% / 40% per Perk card rank.)


United we stand, marching towards America's bright future! This Patriotic season includes new C.A.M.P. items, armor skins and more!

  • New Ally: Grandma Junko is on a mission to find her grandchildren... she thinks. While her memory isn't what it used to be, she can still cook up a good old-fashioned home-cooked meal for you.
  • Presidential Power Armor Skins: Who needs Secret Service when you have Power Armor?
  • Oval Office: Create your own base of operations with the Oval Office Rug and Wallpaper.
  • Autominer Collectron: This new Collectron does all the mining for you, hunting for Ore!

We're celebrating five years of Fallout 76 on November 14th! Join us by completing unique Birthday Party Challenges every day in your Birthday Suit to unlock new festive rewards!

Birthday Party Challenge Event will run from November 7 to November 21.


  • Encounters: We've reduced enemy difficulty and added more healing items and ammo to Summersville and Morgantown Airport.
  • Encounters: We've reduced the frequency of NPC attacks on player C.A.M.P.s.
  • Encounters : Legendary creatures no longer mutate at 50% Health to have Health regeneration, but instead have 60% increased Health.
  • Encounters : We've made various changes to health, resistances, and weapon damage for the following creatures: Super Mutant, Protectron, Mole Rat, Mr.Handy/Gutsy, Feral Ghoul, Scorched, Glowing One, Assaultron, Mirelurk King, Mirelurk Crab, Cave Cricket, Radscorpion, Angler, Floater Flamer, Floater Freezer, Floater Gnasher, Mutant Hound, Liberator, and Mirelurk Hunter.
  • Resistances: Protection from Acid, Electricity, and Radiation have been corrected to more accurately target the specific type of damage dealt.
  • Meat Week: We've added a host of new rewards to Meat Week and Grahm's vendor pool. These rewards include new C.A.M.P. décor, Plushies, and more
  • Free-cam: You can now use Free-cam while in Photomode!
  • Crafting : Fixed an issue with loose mods not applying in the default modification view
  • Quests : Invisible Ties now points to Momma Dolce's instead of Vault 76 to find Liberators.
  • Build Mode: We've renamed over 600 C.A.M.P. items for greater clarity while building.
  • Donation Box: Outside of Vault 76 there is now a donation box where you can leave presents for new players!
  • Plans: Players now have more default recipes for more options while building their first C.A.M.P.
  • Power Armor: We've added Level 10 versions of T-45 and Raider Power Armor.
  • Gilman Lumber Mill: Adjustments to the Gilman Lumber Mill location.
  • Vault 76: Replaced the Liberator bots outside Vault 76 with Ghouls.
  • Vault 76: New players will no longer receive an un-named radio station with information on Nuka-World on Tour upon leaving the Vault.
  • All workbench listings now use alphabetical sorting, and item names are standardized across all lists.
  • The "Show Unlockable" button now shows recipes you can learn through a plan, scrapping, or can purchase in the Atomic Shop.
  • 1-star legendary mods no longer show up under "Random Legendary Mods". 2- and 3-star mods now display correctly under "Current Mods" when inspecting an item.
  • Improved the learned mod counter.
  • Daily Ops: Players will no longer receive Daily Ops notifications until Level 50.
  • Fanfare : We've reduced the number of pop-ups that appear when leaving Vault 76 for the first time.
  • Perks : We've added a "new" filter when viewing Perk Cards.


  • Art : Various fixes to C.A.M.P. items that has incorrect textures and or destroyed states.
  • Décor: Adjusted the lighting on the DEFCON sign numbers to be more consistent.
  • VFX: Various fixes to C.A.M.P. items that continued to play sound effects after being destroyed.
  • Building: The Blue Ridge Truck Trailer is now located in the Misc Tab.
  • Décor: Players can no longer disarm Bone Chimes in another player's C.A.M.P.
  • Décor: The Gulper Rug is now easier to place.
  • Displays: Atomic Shop headwear can now be placed in display cases.
  • Displays: Ice Tongs can now be displayed.
  • Displays: The Free States Underarmor no longer clips into the Female Mannequin's chest and wrists.
  • Dailies: Blood Eagle Ghouls now count towards the Kill Blood Eagles daily challenge.
  • Dailies: Fixed various Challenges to defeat an enemy with a specific weapon that would progress when defeating an enemy with a throwable weapon instead.
  • Dailies: Weapons that have been modded to deal fire damage now correctly count towards the Deal Fire Damage challenge.
  • Contextual Ammo: Fusion Cells now correctly receive contextual ammo drops.
  • Rewards: Plans that have not been learned by the Player now have priority in dropping as a reward over Plans the player has already learned.
  • General: Fixed an issue preventing players from V.A.T.S targeting extra-large creatures at the correct distance.
  • General: Addressed an issue that allowed combat groups to persist over long distances.
  • Imposter Sheepsquatch: Fixed an issue causing the Imposter Sheepsquatch's Area of Effect attacks dealing damage to players who are not within its range.
  • Hazards: Fixed a location of Toxic Water that was not producing radiation damage.
  • Interiors: Nuke effects will no longer appear indoors.
  • Expeditions: Players can no longer become stuck inside the Vertibird after completing an Expedition.
  • Hunter Hunted: This event has been disabled and the radio station will no longer appear on the Pip-Boy.
  • Local Looting: Fixed an issue causing players to be unable to loot Acidic Gulper Venom using the Nearby Corpses menu during Moonshine Jamboree.
  • Moonshine Jamboree: Gulpers will no longer get stuck behind the Field Stall.
  • Moonshine Jamboree: Fixed an issue where players can fail the event when depositing venom in the final few seconds of Wave 4.
  • Moonshine Jamboree: Fixed an instance where Players could become stuck in dialogue with Moonshiner Ned.
  • Most Wanted: Robots in the Most Wanted event no longer spawn at a single point and become locked inside the outhouse.
  • Mutated Public Events: Mutated Party Packs rewarded from completing a Mutated Public Event now grants healing salves after all recipes are known.
  • Spin the Wheel: Destroying the Vim-nata Machine now correctly advances the event in a timely manner.
  • Fast Travel: Fixed an issue that could sometimes prevent players from Fast Travelling.
  • Fast Travel: Fixed an instance where players are shown incorrect Fast Travel information when hovering over map markers.
  • Aid : Rad Scorpion Omelet and Tasty Rad Scorpion Omelet now cure Formula P.
  • Armor: The Berserker Legendary effect is now correctly giving a damage boost when no resistances are active.
  • Armor: The Unyielding Legendary effect once again provides additional bonuses when low on health.
  • Armor Mods: The Girded armor mod will no longer disappear from the players recipe list when replaced by another mod.
  • Plans: Weapons and Armor the player knows the plans to craft can now once again drop as Legendary items after defeating a Legendary enemy.
  • Plans: Players that learned the Domestic Kitchen Tables plan can once again build them.
  • General: Various localization fixes in all languages.
  • Armor: Brotherhood Recon and Metal armor chest piece Ultra-Light Build mods now require the Armorer perk.
  • Cannibal: The Carnivore Mutation now works with the Cannibal Perk.
  • Grenadier: The Grenadier Perk now applies to Gauss weapons.
  • Good with Salt: The description now accurately states that effects of the Refrigerated Backpack mod do not stack with the Good with Salt perk.
  • Gun Fu: We've significantly increased the damage bonus with Gun fu on all ranks.
  • Ninja: The Ninja Perk now accurately states its effects.
  • Ninja: Sneak Attacks with Melee Weapons do an additional 30/60/90% Sneak Attack Damage.
  • Taking One for the Team: Fixed an edge case in which Taking One for the Team would not apply correctly when multiple party members are hit at the same time.
  • Excavator : Uranium Deposits now correctly grant a +3 yield when harvesting.
  • Mods : Pneumatic mod descriptions changed to "Reduce Incoming Stagger by 25%" from "Reduce Incoming Stagger".
  • Mods: Tesla Bracers now display their added damage in the Pip-boy Stats correctly.
  • Mods: The Blood Cleansing mod for the Power Armor Torso now correctly reduces the chance of becoming addicted to chems.
  • Rewards: Players will no longer receive Legendary Power Armor rewards from Events and Creatures until Level 20.
  • Buried Treasure: Fixed a crash that could occur during the Buried Treasure quest line.
  • Events: When viewing the Eviction Notice Event from the map, the quest icon will no longer obscure some of the description text.
  • Dynamic Names: Applying mods to the Military Fatigues now update their name with the correct prefix.
  • Dynamic Names: Applying the Ogua Shell Backpack skin to a Backpack now correctly changes its name.
  • Fanfare : Fixed an issue where several non-legendary descriptions appeared in the UI when picking up legendary Power Armor.
  • Menus : The Fire Mode stat now shows in the transfer menu.
  • Pip-Boy: The Pip-Boy Auto Scroll Display Setting now correctly switches to "OFF" when restoring default settings.
  • Scrap All: Fixed an issue preventing players from using the "Scrap All" function at workbenches if they have a quest item from Ward in their inventory.
  • Trade: Fixed an issue where the highlighted item in the Trade menu can change while setting the price.


  • Damage: We've adjusted the way Plasma gun mods deal physical and energy damage to be more in line with each other. The result is a slight boost in physical damage and a slight decrease in energy damage.
  • Laser Guns: The Sniper Rifle barrel for laser guns now correctly uses a Charging fire mode.
  • Legendary Effects: The Basher, +50% V.A.T.S chance, and Nocturnal Legendary effects are now working correctly.
  • Melee: Players can no longer attack with auto-melee weapons and sprint at the same time in 3rd person.
  • Mods: The Prime Capacitor and Prime Receiver mods for the Plasma Gun, Enclave Plasma Gun, Plasma Caster, and Gatling Plasma no longer incorrectly deal additional energy damage above the amount also added to physical damage.
  • Power Attacks: Fixed an issue causing melee Power Attacks to sometimes not register as a Power Attack.
  • Salvaged Assaultron Head: The fire mode for the Salvaged Assaultron Head now correctly states it has a charging fire mode.
  • Shotguns: Gauss Shotguns obtained prior to the Once in a Blue Moon update now adhere to the balance changes.

18 July 2023 - Fallout 76 Update Patch Notes

"Our latest update for Fallout 76 launches today, and it's bringing a host of bug fixes, gameplay improvements, and more."

Read on for a full list of patch notes for today's update:


  • Items: Various C.A.M.P. item audio fixes.
  • Perks: Music now plays when opening the Perk Card Menu.
  • Reloading : Fixed an issue with the reload animation while using the Extra Large Magazine mod for the Gatling Laser Gun.
  • Armor: Abestos Lining mod now adds fire resistance instead of energy resistance.
  • Life Saving Mod: Fixed an issue where the Life Saving legendary armor mod would not use Stimpaks healing effects, leaving the player at 1 HP.
  • Gauss Minigun : Fixed the weapon spin up animation with certain capacitors equipped.
  • Heavy Weapon: The heavy weapon drawing animation no longer clips while wearing the Cultist Enlightened Robe.
  • Popcorn Emote: The player characters mouth now opens while using the Popcorn Emote in Power Armor with no helmet equipped.
  • Power Armor: Jetpacks no longer disappear from the animation when the player enters Power Armor.
  • War Glaive: Fixed the War Glaive Power Attack animation while in first person.
  • Ally: Steven Scarberry and Joey Bello now have dialogue when speaking to other players visiting the C.A.M.P. they are placed in.
  • Build Mode: All Plushies now have the same size thumbnail image in build mode.
  • Display Cases : Adjusted the eggs in Large Birds Nest Egg Display.
  • File Cabinets: All filing cabinets no longer float when the supporting structure beneath it is removed.
  • Foundations : Fixed navigation issues with various Porch Foundations.
  • Guard Posts: All Brotherhood of Steel Guard Posts are now all on the same list in the build menu.
  • Huntsman Bed: Players can no longer get stuck in the framing of the Huntsman Bed.
  • Monster Tubes: All Monster Tubes previews now face the same direction while in build mode.
  • Movie Sets: The Movie Set Façade variant pieces now snap together.
  • Prefabs: The Land Stand prefab is no longer lacking passive power on the tail of the jet engine on the roof.
  • Daily: Modding a Plasma Cutter now works towards the "Mod a laser weapon" Daily Challenge.
  • Daily: Challenges that require the player to use Pipe weapons now work with Pipe melee weapons.
  • Epic: Fixed an issue where non misc type Steins counted towards the challenge to craft misc Steins.
  • Contextual Ammo: Players can now receive Diluted Stimpaks as contextual ammo when using a melee weapon in Daily Ops.
  • Union Dues: Addressed an issue where no warning was given when trying to talk to an NPC that is busy.
  • Armor: The Free States Resistance Underarmor name now dynamically changes when mods are applied.
  • Backpacks: Added the ability to remove mods from Backpacks. There is now a "No Mod" option in the workbench.
  • Free States Resistance Outfit: Fixed a clipping issue when viewing the outfit on a male character in first person view.
  • Teddy Bears: Renamed a few Souvenir Teddy Bears that had the same item name but are different Teddy's. The name now has identification indicators such as "One-Eyed" or "One Ear".
  • Items: Various localization fixes for named items that were previously listed in English for non-English clients.
  • General: NPCs now don't become unresponsive after being Nuked mid-dialogue.
  • Collateral Damage: The Legendary Perk Collateral Damage now correctly with unarmed damage type weapons.
  • Fireproof : Fixed an issue causing Fireproof to not protect against fire damage specifically.
  • Ground Pounder: Changed the description text stating the perk worked on "Automatic Rifles" to just "Rifles". This perk applies to all rifles.
  • Aid Items: Fixed inconsistencies between item stats for various aid items when viewed in the Pip-Boy and Transfer menus.
  • Magazines: Backwoodsman 4 now correctly applies to Firecap and Starlight Creeper.
  • Power Armor: Excavator Bonus Description now appears on the Pip-Boy.
  • Beasts of Burden: We fixed an issue where the event can occasionally become stuck at the "Listen to instructions" phase.
  • Atomic Shop: The Iron Maiden Bed now correctly has the Fallout 1st tag and is moved to the correct category.
  • Item view: Remove duplicate text that appeared in some Pulse Capacitor mods.
  • Land Stand prefab is lacking passive power on the tail of the jet engine on the roof.
  • Menu view: We've added "Resistance" as a sentence prefix, rather than suffix, to improve legibility of various perk cards. The cards functionality has not changed with this.
  • Power Armor: We've added in static descriptions to various Power Armor paints and skins that were previously missing.
  • Bada-Boom: Removed "Whacker Smacker" visual mod from Joey Bello's Bada-Boom weapon.
  • Charging Barrel Mod: The Ultracite Gating Laser no longer degrades faster than the Gatling Laser
  • Cultist Piercer: The Cursed weapon effect now correctly works on the Cultist Piercer.
  • Enclave Plasma Gun : All Non-Iron sight scope mods for the Enclave Plasma gun now also have 20% more sighted accuracy than the regular Plasma gun.
  • Fire Damage: Numerous fixes to weapons that deal fire-type damage, that were incorrectly dealing energy or no specified type of damage.
  • Gatling Laser: Fix text display issue with Capacity for Fusion Core weapons. It will now show the correct amount of ammo capacity after reloading the weapon.
  • Holy Fire: The Standard Nozzle mod no longer appears twice in the crafting menu.
  • Syringer: Addressed an issue where enemies were not taking damage after the debuff to lower their damage resistances from the Endangerol weapon mod was applied to the enemy.

20 June 2023 - Fallout 76 Update 44 Patch Notes


Once in a Blue Moon

The Blue Ridge Caravan is back and needs your help with its expanding business! Our Once in a Blue Moon update introduces two new Cryptids, Public Events, Side Quests, Rewards, a Daily Ops Mutation, and more.

New Public Events

Vinny Costa, head of operations for the Blue Ridge Caravan Company is impatient with the members of the caravan, believing they're not pulling their own weight and contributing enough. Work with the caravan members to get them back up to speed and earn some sweet Blue Ridge Caravan-themed items as a reward!

Beasts of Burden

After a trade deal goes wrong, Luca Costa finds himself in need of some help. A group of local Cultists has stolen his Brahmin and cargo of makeshift explosives. His Uncle Vinny will not be happy if he catches wind of it. The problem is, he's too injured to get his supplies himself!Guided by Luca through a two-way radio, you'll need to infiltrate the Cultist's den, lay down explosives, and reclaim his pack Brahmin! Be extra careful not to disturb the local wildlife, however, as Cultists have recently noticed strange rumblings in the woods nearby.

Safe and Sound

Blue Ridge has renovated the Middle Mountain Cabins to be their latest and greatest Brahmin pitstop, but they just can't seem to keep the local critters at bay. The Repeller Speaker system they use to repel the creatures and keep their Brahmin safe has been damaged. To retake the pitstop and create a safe haven for their Brahmin to rest, they will need your help! Clear out the creatures, defend the Repeller, and the Blue Ridge Caravan will reward you handsomely for your assistance!

Costa Business Daily Quests

Resident grouch and taskmaster, Vinny Costa, hasn't been happy with the performance of his employees lately, and he'd be happy to throw some caps at anyone willing to solve the problem. Players can learn all about what has the caravanners' boots stuck in the mud, and collect some unique rewards along the way, in this series of one-off Daily Quests. Unlike other Dailies, players will only be able to complete this series of 7 quests once, but each has a unique Blue Ridge-themed reward, ranging from C.A.M.P. items to outfits.

Unmasking the Myth

Longtime players that have completed content from all over 76's history may find a special side quest waiting for them after completing all of the Costa Business quests...

New Cryptids!

Cryptozoologists rejoice! Our two new Public Events introduce The Blue Devil and Ogua, two Cryptids based in real West Virginian folk lore.

The Blue Devil

Based on the real-life West Virginian Cryptid, this massive dog-like creature will test your wits! Its terrifying howl will send your character into a panicked mad dash for the Vault!


Also known in real life as the Monongahela River Monster, this reclusive creature will retreat into its shell to shield itself from incoming damage, be sure to time your attacks carefully!

New Rewards

Braving battle against these new Cryptids and Public Events is not without reward! Complete these events to collect a host of new items, from Cryptid plushies to outfits, C.A.M.P. items, weapon skins, and more!

Season 13: Shoot for the Stars!

Who can resist the allure of the Hollywood sign? Grab a bag of popcorn and settle in, this new Season will bring some of the iconic outfits, props, and more from the silver screen right to your C.A.M.P![SEASON 13 TRAILER INSERTED HERE]

Season 13 Rewards

This season is packed with Hollywood-themed items to glam up your dwelling! From a Jewelry Stand that displays your backpack flairs, to movie projectors, pyrotechnics, Monster Costume, and everything in between! You'll be a dazzling star in no time!New C.A.M.P. Items: Create your own movie set with items like the Western Movie Set Façade, Director's chair, Studio Camera, and more!New Armor Paints: Become the daredevil you were meant to be with our various Stuntman Armor paints including the Stuntman Marine, Stuntman Secret Service, and many more!New Ally: Joey Bello! This wise-cracking self-proclaimed "Funny man" has lived a life full of laughter and loss and is ready to bring the laughter part to your C.A.M.P! Joey loves a good bubblegum wrapper joke and is quick to diffuse any tense situation with humor. This class act is sure to leave you in stitches… even if the cut is his doing.

Daily Ops

Look out, cadets! A new dangerous mutation has been added to the Daily Ops.

New Mutation: Danger Cloud

Enemies have seeds embedded in their skin, periodically they will radiate a spore cloud around them that damages the player, reducing their AP regen and max AP. Plan your routes and load-outs carefully to withstand these infested beings.

Design Changes and Improvements

We've made a number of gameplay design changes and improvements, from removing Fuel costs for Expeditions to adding in more detailed weapon and mod descriptions so you can better cater your build for your unique playstyle.


Following player feedback, we have made adjustments to Expeditions and their associated Daily Fuel Quests.

  • Removed Ultracite Battery Charge: Players are no longer required to complete Fuel Quests to launch an Expedition as a Team Leader with a fully charged Ultracite Battery. Instead, players can start an Expedition at any time and still be eligible to receive the maximum Mission Rewards.

    • Ultracite Battery Charge is no longer a currency that is granted or tracked on the player.

  • Fuel Quests No Longer Mandatory: All three Fuel Quests are now Daily Quests. Only one Fuel Daily Quest will be active per day.

    • Rewards have been updated to be more in line with other Dailies.

  • Reduced Stamp Costs: We have reduced the Stamp cost from Giuseppe on items.

  • Ashes to Fire now grants an increased number of Stamps and Legendary Items in its rewards.

Weapon and Armor Descriptions

We have overhauled the way weapon and armor information is displayed both in the inspect menu and the workbench menus. Descriptions of items and their mod properties are now more specific to the numerical changes in stats, making it easier for you to cater your build to your specific playstyle.

  • Gameplay Settings: We've added the ability to turn Advanced Mod descriptions ON or OFF. By default, this setting is set to OFF.

Item View and Inspection

  • AP cost, Fire Mode (Single/Automatic/Charging), Ammo Capacity, and Damage Over Time effects are now shown.

  • We've added new icons to replace the + and – indicators when crafting new items.

  • Changes when modding are now color coded.

  • Set Bonuses now have an icon indicator next to the effect description.

  • Legendary effects now have the Legendary Star icon next to the effect description.

  • Extra effects not normally shown elsewhere are now displayed below the Legendary Effects.

  • Dynamic values of some effects have been added to show the current bonus.


  • The Bleedout Syringer Barrel now deals physical damage instead of poison.

  • Burning mods for Energy Weapons now deal fire damage.

  • We've adjusted the Two Shot Legendary Mod to deal its bonus damage more similarly to energy weapons. This is to keep the damage more in-line with one another.

Additional Design Changes and Improvements

  • Contextual Ammo: Contextual Ammo has been adjusted to more closely match ammo counts for Daily Ops and Expeditions, better accommodate some weapons which consume a lot of ammo, and provide more ammo for Non-Expeditions/Daily Ops ("open world") in certain level ranges where enemies are proportionally hardier and more difficult to kill.

    • This fix also increases the rate of Fusion and Plasma Cores that drop in the Open World.

  • Fanfare : We have moved the Legendary Item fanfare to no longer be in the center of the screen.

  • PlayStation : We've updated the Default Controller layout for PlayStation users. The Map is now opened with the touch pad and the POV can be changed using the Options button.

  • Resets : During daylight savings, Vendors now update their inventory at the same time as challenges at 11 am CT. (Note: Outside of Daylight savings, the reset will happen at 12 pm CT.)

  • Settings : We've added a setting to enable and disable weapon muzzle flash effects.

  • Settings : We've also added a setting for VATS targeting for Grenades and Mines. Players can now choose to target all, just the player's, or none.

Bug Fixes and Improvements


  • Sound Effects : Nuka-World Speakers now correctly play audio in camps, and properly sync with the speakers at Nuka-World on Tour.

  • Sound Effects: Grognak Wax Figure can now be heard by other players when activated.

  • Sound : All variants of the Captain Cosmos jetpack now use the same sound effects.

  • Teamspeak : Fixed bug that caused switching voice chat type settings to not always mute or unmute other players appropriately.

  • VO : Fixed various cases of mismatched subtitles to their voiceovers.

Art & Animation

  • Art: Adjustments made to the Intergalactic Handmade weapon skin.

  • Art : Added collision to the Abandoned Mine, Carpeted Ramp, and Medieval Stairs.

  • Animation: Fixed a case where aiming a weapon would not animate correctly when exiting Power Armor.

  • Animation : Fixed an issue that allowed player to skip certain animations while firing weapons.

  • Building: The Brahmin Milk Machine and Popcorn Machine can now both be placed in a C.A.M.P. at the same time.

  • Building : Wallpaper can now be placed on the Clean Ranch Kit wall with windows.

  • Building : The Flatwoods Monster Tube now has a HUD Notification when learning its plan.

C.A.M.P.s, and Shelters

  • Ally : Sam Nguyen is now available to be purchased from Samuel for Gold Bullion.

  • Ally : The Settler Forager will now give Daily Quests correctly.

  • Ally : Allies placed within the Hunters Lodge can now wander around to their hearts content.

  • Building: Addressed an issue that caused items placed upon the floor of the Helvetia Porch to snap to its roof instead.

  • Building: Adjusted the budget cost of the Circus Trailer to be more in-line with other large objects.

  • Building : The Blue Nuka-Cola Billboard now has a destruction state.

  • Building : The Medieval Portcullis door now has more consistent health with the rest of its asset.

  • Building : Slocum's Fat Stack should now be easier to place in some shelters.

  • Building : The Power Connector C.A.M.P. object now properly can be turned on and off.

  • Displays : Made adjustments to the Enclave Power Armor Display to make it so all Power Armor is aligned properly.

  • Display : The Commendation Misc. item now properly displays when placed in a display case.

  • Display : Jetpacks no longer visually disappear from mannequins.

  • Crafting: Secret Service Armor pieces are now correctly shown during crafting rather than Loot Boxes.


  • Underarmor : The Brotherhood of Steel Soldier and Knight Underarmor now have the correct texture applied to them.


  • Dailies : Added Refuge Daily Quests to the list for "Complete Daily Quest" type challenges.

  • Epic Challenge: Players no longer get credit for the Epic challenge "Take a Photo of a Super Mutant in your workshop", when taking a picture of a mutant in another player's workshop.

  • Seasons : Fixed an issue where the Rank Up to Here button would remain grayed out after aborting an Atom purchase.

  • Seasons : Re-roller consumables can now be purchased in Custom Worlds.

  • World Challenges : The Cold Shoulder weapon now properly counts towards challenge "Deal cryo damage to enemies".

Daily Ops

  • Charleston Capitol Building: Removed exit signs above inaccessible doors.


  • Animation : Fixed issue preventing Enemy Flamer animations from playing correctly.

  • Combat : Enemies unable to be damaged by ranged attack no longer display normal damage values when hit by ranged instead of "0".

  • Creatures : Molerat Bombs will now be dismembered after exploding.

  • Creatures : Super Mutants now properly drop contextual ammo.

  • Robots : Fixed an issue that would cause players to take damage from an Assaultron's laser when they hadn't been hit directly.

  • Trogs : When dismembered, Trogs no longer spawn a second bloody head.


  • Invaders from Beyond: Fixed an issue that caused the dynamic weather events in Nuclear Blast Zones to be overridden by the Invaders from Beyond event weather.


  • Magazines : The Backwoodsman 4 magazine now works properly and provides a 50% chance to yield double items from plants.

  • Magazines : The Backwoodsman 6 magazines "+50% Health boost" now correctly applies to all food items, and correctly states its effects in the Pip-Boy.

  • Status Effects: The Well-Fed buff now persists after logging out and back in.

  • Status Effects : Fixed issues related to shared perks being persistent after stopping sharing them.

  • Status Effects: X-Cell, RadAway, Antibiotics, and Rad-X are now affected by the Chem Fiend Perk.

Power Armor

  • Crafting: Repairing Strangler Heart Power Armor Helmets no longer requires Vault Steel and Legendary Modules.

  • Crafting : The Father Winter Helmet paint can no longer be crafted without knowing the recipe and no longer appears in the menu for crafting T-45 Armor.


  • Nuka-World: The following plans no longer drop from Nuka-World on Tour Events after the player has learned them; Ultracite Backpack Flair, Bottle Backpack Flair, and Cappy Backpack Flair.

  • One Violent Night: Fixed an issue causing the progress bar to unexpectedly stop.

  • Quests : Fixed an issue where players weren't receiving the bonus caps when a teammate completed a quest.

  • Spin the Wheel: Fixed an issue that would cause the "Keep Moving" twist would not damage players who are standing still.

  • Surface to Air: Completing the event at the Forward Station Alpha location now always count as completing an event in the Cranberry Bog for challenges.


  • Ammo : Made improvements to Contextual Ammo drops for all weapons.

  • Legendary Mods: Addressed an issue where the Overeaters Legendary mod would cause players to receive increased damage.

  • Legendary Mods: Increased the Health regeneration rate to .5 for all Legendary Armor regeneration mods for Armor and Power Armor.

  • Legendary Mods : The Legendary mod "Weightless" now applies to the weight added by other mods attached to the item.

  • Legendary Mods: Medic's legendary mod tool tip now accurately reflects its effect.

  • Mods : The Endangerol Mod for the Syringer now works properly.

  • Weapons : The Nuka-Launcher can now be changed back to its original paint after changing it to a different paint.

  • Weapons : The Long Recon Scope for the Pipe Bolt-Action Pistol now only requires the Gunsmith 2 perk instead of Gunsmith 2 and Science 2.

  • Weapons : The Fancy Single-Action Revolver can now drop with the following Legendary Effects; Zealot's, Gourmand's, Juggernaut's, and Aristocrat's.

  • Weapons : We've made adjustments to the Gauss Shotgun's VATS accuracy to be more in line with the Gauss Pistol.


  • Vehicles : Plasma Grenades now deal damage to vehicles.

  • Vendors : The Purveyor and certain loot lists will once again drop copies of plans players already know.

  • World: Replaced a missing table in the Whitespring Resort.

  • World : Upon destruction, Fanatic turrets will no longer change into Ash or Goo piles.

  • World : Fixed the visual effects of the Fanatic Flamer.

User Interface

  • Crafting : Alien Blaster mods will now correctly display the number of mods unlocked.

  • Favorites Wheel : Nuka Quantum now shows the correct icon in the Favorites Wheel.

  • Help Menu:"Fast Travel" section now mentions The Rusty Pick and The Whitespring Resort as Free/No Cost locations.

  • Help Menu:"Stamps" section now states where players can see their collected Stamps.

  • Help Menu:"SPECIAL" section now mentions SPECIAL Loadouts.

  • Help Menu:"Sleeping" section now has information on different sleeping effects and how they're obtained.

  • Help Menu: Pacifist description has been updated to match current effects.

  • Help Menu:"Death" section now mentions all Free Respawn locations.

  • Help Menu: Added up-to-date information about Shelters building restrictions.

  • Help Menu:"Aid and Apparel" information has been adjusted to be up-to-date.

  • Notifications : Plans for Heavy Robot Arms no longer incorrectly call out that they only teach the right arm.

  • Pip-Boy: Bunker Buster name now appears correctly for the item in the player's inventory instead of Missile Launcher.

  • Pip-Boy: The "You Already Know" prompt will now show for a number of plans that previously were missing this.

Latest Fallout 76 Download Sizes

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  • PC (Steam): 2.6 GB
  • PC (Microsoft Store): 11.5 GB
  • PlayStation: 10.9 GB
  • Xbox: 11.4 GB

That's everything you need to know about the latest patch notes for Fallout 76.