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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

David Beckham becomes FIFA 21 Icon: Learn how you can get him for your FIFA Ultimate Team

What has long been rumoured has finally come to frustration with David Beckham now one of FIFA Ultimate Team's Icon cards. Here is how you can get your hands on it.

It was the worst kept secret in (virtual) football - David Beckham has added to the growing list of Icon players in FIFA 21, and in what is a surprise, he will retroactively become a cover star for the game.


David Beckham's inclusion to the list of Icons, which now sits at 101 including Beckham, is fitting for a player who turned out for Manchester United, Real Madrid, LA Galaxy, A.C Milan, Paris-Saint Germain.

Known for his pinpoint passes and world-class deadball delivery Beckham transcended football, becoming a global superstar known throughout the world.

He retired in 2013, but not before a last goodbye to European and world football at PSG, capping off an impressive career that included 10 league titles and one Champions League winners medal.

How to get david beckham in fifa 21
(Picture: EA Sports)

Beckham now is behind MLS expansion team Inter Miami C.F who recently signed Blaise Matuidi and Gonzalo Higuain. He also has an interest in esports team Guild Esports, among many other business interests.

“I’m so proud to be returning to EA SPORTS with my FIFA 21 Beckham edition cover…Excited to be back on the pitch as an icon with some of my old teammates!” said David Beckham.

How to get David Beckham in FUT and Volta

David Beckham FUT how to get david beckham in fifa 21
(Picture: EA Sports)

  1. Login to FIFA 21 after 15th December and before the 15th January.
  2. Any player who does so will receive a unique, untradeable David Beckham item in FIFA Ultimate Team, and receive him as a VOLTA ‘Groundbreaker’.

It should be noted that the above card is not one of David Beckham's three Icon cards but a special limited-time card for anyone who logs in.

David Beckham's Icon cards will be released in December and be available in selected packs.