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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

eLiga MX announced, winners to compete for FIFA eWorld Cup place

The new alliance between LVP and Liga MX will bring Mexico's best players to compete for a ticket to the regional qualifier.

Liga MX, the highest division of Mexican football, has revealed a new alliance with LVP and Electronic Arts by announcing the return of the eLiga MX, a FIFA competition that was created during 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that will serve as a qualifier for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2021.

In its 2021 edition, the best FIFA 21 players from Mexico country will be in charge of representing each of the 18 participating clubs in Liga MX, in a renewed format that will bring lots of clashes in search of national glory and a ticket to the FIFA eWorld Cup qualifier.

eLiga MX 2021: Format

The eLiga MX will take place from the 4th to the 30th May 2021, where 36 players (18 starters and 18 substitutes) will be integrated into the squads of each of the teams that are part of the Liga MX.

eLigaMX FIFA 21 league(Picture: eLiga MX)

These pairs will be divided into three groups of six teams each, who will play in a single round-robin format, getting points as in a classic football league format: 3 points for victory, 1 in case of a draw, and 0 for defeats.

The best two teams from each group will advance to the final stage, joined by two of the three third places who will face each other in a playoff, completing eight qualified teams.

The playoffs will be played in a single-elimination format, with home and away matches in each of the final rounds and where the qualifying criteria to the next round will be determined by the number of goals, away goals, among others.

eLiga MX 2021: Schedule and prize pool

eLigaMX 2021(Picture: eLiga MX)

The presentation of the players and their teams, as well as the group draw, will take place on 4th May, while the group stage will be broadcast from 11-15th May, and the playoff between the third-place teams will take place on 28th May.

This will give way to the quarterfinals and semifinals that will air on 29th May and the conclusion of this tournament with the grand finals on the 30th May.

The prize pool that will be at stake has yet to be revealed, however, it has been announced that the winning duo will obtain an automatic ticket to the NA FIFA eWorld Cup playoffs, having the opportunity to qualify to the top FIFA 21 competition as champions of the eLiga MX.

eLiga MX FIFA 21(Picture: Electronic Arts)

“The eLiga BBVA MX 2021 and EA SPORTS provide an authentic way for fans to experience the passion for the game, competition and glory of the BBVA soccer league through esports. We know that the preferred way that fans now experience sports is through interactive digital experiences that allow them to feel part of the story,” commented San Turkbas, FIFA Deputy Commissioner for Competitive Games

eLiga MX 2021: How to watch

You can follow all the action of this new competition, as well as its players who will seek to conquer and qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2021, through the official Twitch channel of the eLiga MX. We have embedded it for you below for your convenience.