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FIFA 21: A guide to mastering Directed Pass and Go

The Directed Pass and Go is one of the biggest changes to FIFA 21's gameplay compared to previous iterations. Mastering it is key.

FIFA 21 has introduced a series of new gameplay mechanics, but one of them has already proven to be particularly useful. Directed Pass and Go is a part of FIFA 21’s new Creative Runs system. It’s designed to give players more control and creativity in their attack, and it can be tremendous when done correctly.

Here’s everything you’ll need to know to on how to do the Directed Pass and Go in FIFA 21, with some examples from Goran “Poplove” Popovic, who is an Assistant Producer on FIFA.

How to master FIFA 21's Directed Pass and GO

Directed Pass and Go
(Picture: DroopySwaggers)

To actually do a Directed Pass and Go is easy, mastering it is hard, but first the easy part.

  1. Pass the ball
  2. Quickly flick your right stick in the direction you want the player who just passed to start running
  3. Use his run to occupy a defender or play him in if he breaks free.

Simple enough right? Now mastering this and using it to your maximum advantage will be harder. Here are a few examples of how to make the most of it.

Poplove describes a potential scenario where a player can use the Directed Pass and Go to create chaos and make an opening or even a series of openings. 

FIFA 21 directed pass and go
(Picture: EA Sports)

“You're in the opponent's half & want to create chaos at the edge of the box,” he said. “You pass to a striker on the edge & keep your CM/CAM running into the box at any angle you want. Who will the opponent going to mark? One of your STs? The runner? A wide player?”




“If you don't lose the ball after the initial pass, you've just opened up new scenarios that could result in a goal or more openings,” he added. “Or maybe you pass with that striker and do another run to cause even more dynamic movement that can confuse your opponent.”

It makes perfect sense. Like real football, FIFA 21 is as much a tactical battle that resembles a game of chess as it is a battle of reaction and skill. The Directed Pass and Go is a great way to make an opening or a series of openings that you can take advantage of.

But that’s not all. Poplove shared a second potential scenario that’s even better than the first.




“You pass early to a striker or winger. You then do a diagonal Directed Pass and Go with this player,” he said. “Will your opponent let them run free? Will they move a defender out of position to track your run? Will they do something else entirely?”




“These are just 2 "basic" examples of what you can do,” he said. “With these types of passes and runs, you can create dynamic & free flowing attacks in whatever shape you like, be it triangle, square, etc.”

All in all, it’s some very helpful advice from an expert of the game. After all, helping develop FIFA 21 is one thing. Poplove clearly knows the game inside and out. But he’s also a skilled division one player in his own right, which certainly makes him the perfect person to offer advice.


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