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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

FIFA 21 FGS Swaps 2 - how to link accounts for free Player Token reward

FIFA Global Series Swaps 2 is back just in time for the eChampions League Final! Here’s everything you need for how to unlock a free FGS Player Token reward.

The popular Global Series viewership program is back for the eChampions League Final and will feature throughout the summer. And now to celebrate the competition, EA Sports is giving gamers an easy route to some free in-game rewards.

The eChampions League Final will take place on 28th, May at 3 pm BST. Users who link their EA/Twitch accounts and tune in for at least 60 minutes will earn a guaranteed FGS Player Token that can be redeemed for Untradeable Pack Rewards in FUT 21.

You’ll also be able to track your progress towards the total watch time thanks to a new feature on Twitch. Once you’ve completed 60 minutes of viewership you’ll be able to claim your reward and it will be awarded to your linked FUT account within 24 hours.

FIFA 21 FGS Player Token(Picture: EA Sports)

How to link accounts to claim Player Token

The first step is to link both your EA and Twitch accounts. You can do that by following the link here and entering your login information. Then you’ll need to tune into the Twitch stream and watch for at least 60 minutes total.

After completing 60 minutes of viewership you’ll see a button to “Claim Your Reward.” Click that button when eligible and your linked FUT account will receive the FGS Player Token within 24 hours.

If, after 24 hours you have still not received your reward, contact EA Sports FIFA 21 support.

FGS21 Swaps 2 rewards tiers

In addition to the eChampions League Final Player Token reward, EA Sports will have free Player Token rewards for each of the Regional Playoffs in June and July. In total, FGS21 Swaps 2 will have 8 Player Tokens available.

Make sure to link your accounts and be tuned in to the FGS on Twitch all Summer long for your chance to unlock some of these free rewards.

FGS21 Swaps 2(Picture: EA Sports)