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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

FIFA 21 FUT Birthday countdown: Start time, leaks, SBC, & Objectives

The yearly celebration is almost here as the FIFA 21 FUT Birthday event is fast approaching. Check out all the information for when the promotion is set to start, leaked SBC and Objectives players, and much more.

Update: The first of two FUT Birthday teams is now live. You can also check out guide to the Podolski Birthday SBC for a review of his boosted stats and how to complete the SBC as cheap as possible.

One of the most anticipated Ultimate Team promotions year in and year out, the FUT Birthday event is always a massive FIFA celebration. The yearly fixture is always a hit amongst gamers, as the content is always fresh and exciting.

The FUT Birthday event marks the start of Ultimate Team all the way back in FIFA ‘09. And the nostalgia is already in the air, with many gamers sharing some of their top teams of years past.

FIFA 21 FUT Birthday leaks start date
(Picture: Twitter/@bateson87)

FUT Birthday start time

The countdown for FUT Birthday is live now with the event only days away. It is set to officially begin on 26th March 2021 and has been rumored to run for a two-week period.

To set the scene for FUT 21 Birthday, EA Sports released the teaser loading screen for Ultimate Team players. It features a blank FUT 21 Birthday card with birthday cake-themed colors.

FIFA 21 FUT Birthday leaks, SBC & Objectives 

The FUT Birthday event always provides a twist to the Ultimate Team landscape. Not only are there boosted cards released into the game, but many also come as an alternate position.

We’ve seen the likes of a Zlatan Ibrahimović Center Back, and Virgil Van Dijk Striker cards in recent years, amongst others. So expect at least a few of these FUT 21 Birthday cards to be out of normal position.

With the event being rumored to last multiple weeks, we should see at least two FUT Birthday squads available in packs. With additional SBC and Objectives players supplementing the official teams.

Rumors on Twitter suggest that EA Sports may have accidentally leaked the first FUT Birthday team for this year’s event.

It will be interesting to see if this indeed turns out to be official FUT 21 Birthday content. Make sure to stay tuned to our FIFA 21 tab for all of your FUT Birthday information.