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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

FIFA 21 FUT Birthday Team 2: Start time, leaks, SBC and Objectives

FIFA 21 gets Birthday Team 2 later this week, and yet more SBCs and Objectives are expected along with the cards available in packs. Here is everything you need to know about the next line-up.

EA Sports is currently celebrating over 10 years of FIFA Ultimate Team with a special Birthday celebration.

Still playing footballers, who at an earlier stage in their careers were FIFA Ultimate Team legends have been re-imagined in FIFA 21 with special promo cards being released as cards available in regular packs, as well as Objectives and Squad Building Challenges, with the latter introducing Podolski, Özil and most recently, Mangala.

FIFA 21 FUT Birthday Team 2
(Picture: EA Sports)

The cards have been well received, featuring both a stat boost, as well as either a permanent 5* Skill Move or 5* Weak Foot upgrade.

Here is everything you need to know about this weeks' card drop.

FUT Birthday Team 2 release time

EA SPORTS released the first batch of cards last Friday at 6 pm GMT (10 am PT / 1 pm EST / 3 am AES) and all signs point to the same schedule for what is set to be the last batch of Birthday cards released this way. There will be 11 in total.

To recap FUT Birthday Team 2 will release on Friday, 2nd April at 6 pm GMT.

FUT Birthday Team 2 confirmed team

We are going to disappoint you on both fronts here. Predicting them isn't quite like Team of the Week, being that cards aren't based on any real-world performances.

On the leak front, there hasn't been much we can confirm and so many fake "leaks" going around it's hard to decipher.

FUT Birthday team 2 leaks
There is a cottage industry of fake leaks when it comes to FIFA so take the above image with a massive grain of salt.

However, it is still early days and a seemingly accurate list of the Birthday SBCs to be released this week have been leaked so there is a chance yet we will know before Friday what to expect.

We will update this section if anything slips out.

Update: The team is now live!

Birthday week 2 SBC and Objectives

This week's SBCs have been leaked though and these leaks look accurate as they correctly guessed that Mangala would be released yesterday.

If the leaks are true then we should expect the following cards this week and on these days:

On the Objective front, less is known, we got one, Huntelaar, with the release of Team 1 and we will likely get one with the release of Team 2. 

Update: On Wednesday, Premier League centre-back Scott Dann was released as an Objective. Check out our guide to see how you can get your hands on him.