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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

FIFA 21 gets third kits for Man United, Atletico Madrid, PSG and more in Title Update 5

It's an unwritten rule that clubs' third kits are either boss or a crime against fashion and now FIFA 21 players rep some from the world's biggest teams.

FIFA 21 has added 55 third kits for teams from leagues including the Premier League, Serie A, and LaLiga as part of Title Update 5.

The addition is a bit of a surprise as the Title Update 5 patch notes made only mention of updates to "badges, kits, and ad boards" alongside new 25 Player Starheads, the name given to the photorealistic faces some players get.

Third kits get clubs the opportunity to change up from their usual style and colour schemes with perhaps the most eye-catching one this year being Manchester United's black and white 'zebra-striped' kit that has been seen a number of times this season.

FIFA 21 gets 55 new third kits

The kits that EA Sports have added included many teams from the world's top leagues including Arsenal, Man United, Barcelona and Celtic F.C

FIFA 21 third kit title update 5
Barcelona (left) and Arsenal's (right) third kits are now in the game. (Picture: EA Sports)

Getting your hands on these kits is easy, at least in Kick Off and Career Modes, simply boot up your game which will automatically download the Title Update 5 patch and then, select the "Alternate" kit option.

The kits will also be available to purchase for your FIFA Ultimate Team. So if you want to rock the pink or look like a safari animal while playing with your team, you can do that too.