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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

FIFA 21 Goalscorer in Munich SBC: Requirements and cheap solutions

Completing the Goalscorer in Munich SBC will reward players with 1 Rare Mixed player pack.

Midweek Champions League games mean more Squad Building Challenges to complete, players have just 2 days to complete this challenge so we won't waste any time with how to complete this one.

Goalscorer in Munich SBC requirements

  • Minimum of 1 player from France.
  • Minimum of 4 different clubs. (0/4)
  • Minimum of 1 UCL Common or Rare.
  • Minimum of 6 Gold players
  • Players must be Silver or higher 
  • Team Chemistry: 85
  • 11 players in the Squad.

It must be noted that this SBC isn't the cheapest to complete with the requirement of 6 Gold pushing the price up.

But we think we have a solution that should help you secure that Rare Mixed pack.

Goalscorer in Munich SBC cheap solution

Before we get into our chosen squad we would like first to thank FUTBIN for their squad builder.

Now this solution should set you back around 6,700 coins on PS4, 11,500 on Xbox and 7,600 on PC. However, take note that the prices are subject to change.

Goalscorer in Munich cheap solution
(Picture: FUTBIN)

This squad is based primarily out of France and Belguim which keeps the cost down.

  • M'Baye Niang - Rennes
  • Gaël Kakuta - RC Lens
  • Yusuf Yazici - LOSC
  • Dimitri Liénard - Strasbourg
  • Didier Ndong - Dijon FCO
  • Florentino Morris Luís - AS Monaco
  • Vitorino Pacheco Antunes - Sporting CP
  • Clinton Mukoni Mata Pedro Lourenço - Club Brugge
  • Brandon Mechele - Club Brugge
  • Laurent Jans - Standard Liège
  • Simon Mignolet - Club Brugge

Now this team isn't going to win you any Weekend Leagues but if you are keen to get your hand on the Rare Mixed pack then this is one of the cheapest ways to go about it.

Remember you have just two days, until the 31st October to complete this challenge so don't wait around.