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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

FIFA 21 Ibrahima Niane POTM SBC: Requirements and cheap solutions

The young Metz striker is Ligue 1's Player of the Month and EA Sports has given him the respective SBC challenge to honour such occasion.

FIFA Ultimate Team continuously updates its already vast catalog of cards for players to bolster their squads in the search for glory, and the POTM cards are one of the most exciting of the bunch.

Celebrating a player's performance for any given month, FIFA 21 has already seen stars like Andrej Kramaric or Ansu Fati get this coveted treatment, and now Senegalese striker Ibrahima Niane's turn to receive his very own POTM card.

Niane has taken the Ligue 1 by storm this year with Metz, as the prolific 21-year-old scored three goals in four matches during September, adding three more during October. Sadly, a cruciate ligament rupture will keep him off the pitch for several months, putting a massive damper on his team's chances during the present campaign.

So, how do you go about getting this SBC done? Here are the requirements and a cheap solution, courtesy of FUTBIN.

Ibrahima Niane POTM SBC - How to complete

Like all POTM Squad Building Challenges, this is not a cheap team to put together, coming it at a minimum of 32,000 Coins on PC and going all the way to 44,000 Coins for Xbox One players.

The inclusion of an Inform player will elevate the price surely, but this team will see you spend the least amount of currency possible, take a look down below. 

Niane POTM SBC solution
(Picture: FUTBIN)

The reward you'll net will absolutely be worth the effort, as Niane's POTM card boasts amazing stats, including devastating Acceleration (95), Shot Power (94), Dribbling (87), and Strength (87).


Players have 30 days to complete Niane's POTM SBC so get in there and pick him up before he goes.

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