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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

FIFA 21 Isco RTTF SBC: Requirements, cheap solutions, and stats

Isco is the next player to be given a Road to the Final SBC and with Real Madrid's record in the tournament, there is a good chance he will only get better.

The Road to the Final FIFA Ultimate Team cards have made it to FIFA 21 in style poised to become some of the most exciting cards in the game as the season progresses.

The RTFF cards have a very special trait, they get better as the player's team progresses in the Champions League this season, their stats increasing regardless of individual performances.

The next player to get a Road to the Final card is Real Madrid attacking midfielder Isco and if Real Madrid do as well in the Champions League as they do historically there is every chance that this card becomes one of the best in the game.

FIFA 21 Isco RTTF SBC cheap solutions
(Picture: EA Sports)

Let's take a look at how to get your hands on the Isco RTTF card with the help of FUTBIN.

Isco RTTF SBC - How to complete

For this challenge, you will have to complete two different teams with specific requirements. Each one gives a reward, apart from the Isco RTTF card that you will receive once you do both.

The first team will cost you between 28,000 and 36,000 coins, and these are the requirements:

isco cheap solution sbc road to the final

(Picture: FUTBIN) 

  • Real Madrid players: Minimum 1
  • Squad rating: Minimum 84
  • Team chemistry: Minimum 80

The second one is even more expensive than the first, costing between 37,000 and 41,000 coins.

isco squad(Picture: FUTBIN) 

  • LaLiga Santander players: Minimum 1
  • Team of the Week (TOTW) players: Minimum 1
  • Squad rating: Minimum 84
  • Team chemistry: Minimum 70

Isco RTFF - Stats

fifa 21 isco road to the final stats

(Picture: FUTBIN)

Although he is not in the best moment of his career, Isco is a great talent, and with his 91 Dribbling and 84 Passing, he for sure will bring a lot of good moments to your team.