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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

FIFA 21 Leroy Fer What If SBC: Cheapest solutions, rewards, stats

The Dutch midfielder has all the qualities to be a top centre-mid and now with a What If card he can be even better. Here is how you can get him in your FUT team for as cheap as possible.

FIFA 21's What If promo cards are an interesting proposition. Depending on real-world performance players can get an extra +2 OVR added to their already boosted stats. 

Different players have been chosen in the first two weeks of the promo with those cards available in regular packs.

There has also been Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), first for Leeds United's Raphina, then Leverkusen's Wendell and now, Feyenoord's Leroy Fer.

While Fer is hardly the most exciting player to be chosen (his playing in The Eredivisie limits his usefulness), he is still worth a look.

So if you are keen to get him into your FUT team here is how to do it as cheap as possible.

Note: All prices are courtesy of FUTBIN and are subject to change.

Leroy Fer What If SBC - cheapest solutions

The best thing about Fer's SBC is the fact there is just one to complete meaning he can be picked up for around 85-100k coins depending on the platform.


  • # of players from Netherlands: Min 1
  • Squad Rating: Min 84
  • Team Chemistry: Min 70
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

Solution #1

What If Fer SBC
(Picture: FUTBIN)

Solution #2

Leroy Fer What If Promo cheap solution
(Picture: FUTBIN)

Leroy Fer What If stats

Leroy Fer What If FIFA 21 stats
(Picture: FUTBIN)

Fer's What If card is a marked improvement over his base. At 85 OVR compared to 76, his What If card is more well-rounded and if you do run an Eredivisie or Dutch heavy team you may find reason to pick him up.

The biggest stat boosts are seen in his Pace (+12), Passing (+12) and Defending (+10). 

His Physical stats were already good but with a +7 increase they enter "beast mode" levels with 93 Strength, 91 Jumping, 90 Aggression, and 85 Stamina.

Other ghighlights including his 96 Shot Power, 90 Heading Accuracy and 90 Short Passing.

The potential to gain another +2 on some of these stats, based of Fer's real-life performances, is a tantalizing prospect.


Players have seven days, until the 10th of March, to complete Leroy Fer's SBCs if they choose to do them.