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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

FIFA 21 Premier League Player of the Season nominees

The Premier League campaign has concluded and it’s time to recognize the most impressive individual performance. Here’s the list of Premier League Player of the Season Nominees.

It was another year to remember in the English top-flight. The title race and subsequent top four places came down to an exciting and fierce competition that went all the way to the wire on Championship Sunday.

Manchester City reigned supreme again while Manchester United, Liverpool, and Chelsea rounded out the rest of the Champions League places. Powering these top teams and others across the PL table were some immaculate individual seasons, so here’s who might take home the lauded Premier League Player of the Season.

FIFA 21 Premier League Player of the Season POTS(Picture: EA Sports)

Premier League POTS nominees for MAY

Available now for a limited time, gamers will have the opportunity to vote and decide who wins the Premier League POTS award. There is no word on how long the voting period will stay open, but it likely won’t last for more than a week.

Here are the short-listed players for the top individual Premier League award.

Let us know who you think deserves the nod and be sure to check back with our FIFA 21 tab for how to get the Premier League POTS into your side when the winner is announced.