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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

FIFA 21 RTTF Knockout Stage Objectives: rewards, objectives, and more

The new Road To The Finals objectives are live! Here you’ll find the rewards you’ll get from each challenge and how to complete them, all in a set number-of-matches.

Keeping up with both the Champions and Europa League upgrading players as they go is a neat feature and every drop, challenge or reward along the way is a blessing.

Enter: the new RTTF objectives and things get shaken up a little bit.

Now with a 12-match time limit, the pressure to bring your A-game is higher than ever.

Rttf knockout objectives time limit
(Picture: EA Sports)

Unlike SBCs, you don’t need to worry about what your squad looks like as long as you bring the heat to the pitch to get the most of every match.

FIFA 21 RTTF Knockout Stage Objectives 

You are gonna need to win 50% of your matches (or 6 out of the 12 match limit) to get the highest reward possible from the objectives list. The following are every reward you get after X number of matches won:

  • One Win
    • 75+ Rare Player
    • 100 XP
  • Two Wins
    • Two Rare Gold Player Packs
    • 200 XP
  • Four Wins
    • Two Rare Gold Player Packs
    • 300 XP
  • Six Wins
    • 25,000 Pack
    • 55,000 Pack
    • 400 XP

Remember, all of that needs to be done within a 12-game window so don’t just hop in and think you got all the time in the world to bounce back. 

Although there has been some backlash from the community regarding the quality of the rewards (as they are all non-tradeable) and the game-limit to acquire them, this format sure sounds interesting enough as a test run to make the matches more competitive and the rewards more exclusive as time goes by.

Everybody wins, except those who can’t win 6 out of 12 matches, then, not everybody wins.