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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

FIFA 21 Rule Breaker SBC: Requirements and cheap solutions

A new Squad Building Challenge is available for FIFA 21 players to complete and earn amazing rewards from. Here's a full breakdown of the Rule Breaker SBC and what you need to complete it.

With the introduction of Rulebreakers, a brand-new type of card that completely overhauls the stats of a select number of chosen players, EA Sports is looking to reinvigorate Ultimate Team.

On top of this, FIFA 21 has introduced specific Squad Building Challenges granting fans the opportunity to earn these incredible Rulebreakers cards. We've seen an Iñaki Williams SBC and one for Mainz's midfielder Pierre Kunde Malong's Rulebreakers card.

Now, EA Sports has presented a new SBC based around the new cards, the Rule Breaker SBC. While this one doesn't give out a player card, those that complete the challenge will earn a Mega Pack, which contains 30 items, with 18 being guaranteed Rares.

So, how do you complete the Rule Breaker SBC? Here's everything you need to know with the help of FUTBIN.

Rule Breaker SBC - How to complete 

The requirements for this SBC are not particularly hard, but then can be tedious, as you need players with specific OVR ratings to succeed with this challenge. On top of this, the high chemistry needed can be a big hurdle to overcome at a minimum of 90. 

Despite all of the above, we have a nice, cheap solution courtesy of FUTBIN for you to complete this SBC, costing you around 6,900 and 10,000 Coins depending on your platform.

Rule Breaker SBC
(Photo: FUTBIN)

  • Same Nation Count: Max 5
  • Common or Rare: Min 3
  • Minimum OVR of 80 : Min 2
  • Exact OVR of 77 : Exactly 4
  • Exact OVR of 75 : Exactly 5
  • Team Chemistry: Min 90
  • Num of players in the Squad: 11

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