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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

FIFA 21: TOTW 4 is live featuring Timo Werner, Marcus Rashford, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and more

FUT's TOTW 4 is now live for players and it's filled with talent for days in the striking department.

It's that time of the week again! The latest FIFA 21 TOTW has gone live, the fourth one we've had since the game release so far, and it's jam-packed with amazing talent up front, with some great options to bolster your defense as well.


FIFA 21 TOTW 4 - Complete list

  • Ederson (OVR 89)
  • Alessandro Florenzi (OVR 84)
  • Thomas Delaney (OVR 84)
  • Jordan Amavi (OVR 82)
  • Thomas Muller (OVR 87)
  • Dani Parejo (OVR 86)
  • Dani Olmo (OVR 82)
  • Jonathan Bamba (OVR 82)
  • Memphis Depay (OVR 86)
  • Marcus Rashford (OVR 86)
  • Timo Werner (OVR 86)
  • Sergio Herrera (OVR 81)
  • Joakim Mæhle (OVR 81)
  • Mohammed Kudus (OVR 81)
  • Mikel Oryazabal (OVR 86)
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic (OVR 86)
  • Victor Osimhen (OVR 82)
  • Youssef El-Arabi (OVR 82)
  • Connor Goldson (OVR 79)
  • Raphael Holzhauser (OVR 78)
  • Yaw Yeboah (OVR 76)
  • Jonathan Levi (OVR 76)
  • Mario Gravanovic (OVR 76)

FIFA 21 TOTW 4 - Starting XI

Naturally, the standouts seem very clear, with a TOTW that bolsters incredible firepower, perhaps the defense may seem a little lackluster, however, with Werner, Depay, and Rashford and their incredible pace, dribbling, and shooting leading the charge, this team is clearly built to be a goalscoring machine rather than a tight defensive unit.

(Photo: FUTBIN)

TOTW 4 - Bench and reserves

Keeping with the general theme of this week's TOTW, it's all about attackers on the reserve squad, with only Connor Goldson as a defensive option.

If you want to freshen up your attacking side of the squad, Osimhen is as pacey as they come. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a completely different style, relying less on speed and more on physicality and precise shooting to be of value, so you could throw rivals for a loop if you wish to bring him in.

(Photo: FUTBIN) 

In general, this week's FIFA 21 TOTW is heavily favouring those who prefer a more gung-ho approach to the game, giving those that want a more cautious playstyle fewer options than previous TOTW's.

Now, remember this Team of the Week will be available until 28th October, being replaced by a new set of players when the TOTW 5 comes around at 6:00pm UK time.

For all things FIFA 21 including top FUT teams, SBC guides, and more, check out our dedicated FIFA Twitter.