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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

The best FBs to sign in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

These are some of the best, and cheapest, options for at full-back to help you build an amazing squad in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.
In the modern game there is probably no more an important position than full-back. Statistically got the most space to play into players like Alphonso Davies and Trent Arnold-Alexander use that space to dictate play and attack high up on the pitch.

And if you want to succeed in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team you will need to have the same mindset, with pacy, technically gifted full-backs key to victory.

But what FBs should you pick up for your FUT? To give you a helping hand we have compiled a list, with the help of FUTBIN's database, of eight of the best fullbacks across all price ranges and major leagues to help you lock down this important position.

We have split them into four left-backs and four right-backs so both your wings are covered.

Best left-backs in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Nicolás Tagliacfico - AFC Ajax

cheap fullbacks for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
(Picture: FUTBIN)

OCR: 84
Cost: 3,000-3,400

Compared to Javier Zanetti, Tagliacfico has been a revelation since his move to AFC Ajax in 2017. An integral part of the side that made it to the semi-final of the Champions League Tagliacfico is quickly making his name as one of the best left-backs in world football.

Sergio Reguilón - Tottenham Hotspur

Sergio Reguilón FIFA 21 FIFA Ultimate team best cheap full back
(Picture: FUTBIN)

OVR: 82

Cost: 2,900-3,700

Having recently made the move to the Premiership with Tottenham Hotspur, Reguilón has everything to make himself star. 

Very fast with 82 acceleration and 87 sprint speed, he also has great ball control and dribbling to help him get past men on the wing. His defensive stats are nothing to sniff at as well making the Spaniard the perfect modern full-back.

Phillipp Max - PSV

OVR: 79

Cost: 750-850

Phillip Max PSV FUT 21
(Picture: FUTBIN)

OVR: 79

Cost: 750-850

Recently moving to PSV Phillip Max is an accomplished left-back. Boasting great pace and world-class crossing ability Max is sure to stick it right on the head of your striker. 

His stamina will help him get up and down the wing with no problem at all. German will help him with some aspects of chemistry but playing for PSV is an obvious hindrance. If you can fit him in a great choice for left-back.

Christian Günter - SC Freiburg

OVR: 78

Cost: 800-1,000

best full backs in FUT
(Picture: FUTBIN)

If you like your full-backs fast then you'll love Günter, 90 sprint speed means that when he gets going not much can stop him.

His physical stats really separate him from other FBs, with 85 stamina, 82 strength, and 84 aggression making him a beast on the wing.

His crossing at 82 means he isn't going to let you down when he actually gets in position.

The best RBs in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Ander Capa - Athletic Club

OVR: 81

Cost: 950-1,100

(Picture: FUTBIN)

Equally comfortable at right-back as he is positioned further up the wing, Athletic Club's Ander Capa is a beast - rapid and physically robust this guy has everything to get up and down the wing all game long and with a killer delivery.

Youcef Atal - OGC Nice

OVR: 79

Cost: 900-1,100

Youcef Atal FIFA 21 ultimate team
(Picture: FUTBIN)

Not a name many will know but since his move to France in 2018 to place for OGC Nice he has quickly made himself one of the most talked about full-backs in the country.

Blisterting pace and stellar dribbling stats make him an absolute menance. The only major drawback is getting that much needed chemistry working for you but if Ligue 1 is your jam there is few better at the price.

Mário Fernandes - CSKA Moscow

OVR: 82

Cost: 800-850

The best full backs in FIFA 21 ultimate team
(Picture: FUTBIN)

Fernandes may not be the go to choice for your FUT team, playing for Russia and CSKA in the League of Russia doesn't make him the easy to create that chemistry with but as far as RBs go there are few better at this price.

With a great range of passing, good pace and height at 6ft2 that most full-backs can't match this right-back is a unique proposition.

Héctor Bellerín Moruno - Arsenal F.C

OVR: 80

Cost: 2,400-2,800

Hector_Bellerin(Picture: FUTBIN)

At one time Bellerin was one of the princes of world football rumours of a fairy-tale return to Barcelona, the club of his youth, where a regular occurence every summer transfer window but time has slightly past Bellerin by. 

That doesn't mean he is done though, and certainly not when it comes to your FUT team. He has everything you need for a full-back and at around 2,400-2,800 relatively cheap considering his skills and experience.


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