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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

The best CBs to sign in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

A quality defence is key to victory in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, and two (or three) centre-backs will be at the core of that. We look at the best, and in some cases cheapest, CBs in FUT that can help you build a side that keep the ball out your net.

When you start building your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team you're likely to build from the front with pacy attackers and physical, industrious midfielders the starting blocks of any great side.

However, after that you are likely to look at your centre back (CB) situation. Again pace here is vital in FIFA 21 with fast athletic defenders needed to nullify the Mbappe's and Neymar's of the world.

But what CBs should you pick up for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team? To give you a helping hand we have compiled a list, with the help of FUTBIN's database, of eight of the best CBs across all price ranges and major leagues to help you lock down this important position.

Best CBs in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Lukas Manuel Klostermann - RB Leipzeig

OVR: 80

Cost: 20,00-24,500

Best CB in FIFA 21 ultimate team Klostermann
(Picture: FUTBIN)

Equally comfortable at right-back as a centre back, Klostermann has excelled as part of a thrilling RB Leipzig team.

Known for their speed in transition and physical play Klostermann exemplifies these traits.

Fikayo Tomori - Chelsea

OVR: 76

Cost: 1,200-2,500

TOMORI FIFA 21 Ultimate Team best cbs
(Picture: FUTBIN)

Tomori is only starting to break into the Chelsea team, having spent the three of the last four years out on loan. Only 22 the athletic CB has a lot going for him with decent defensive stats coupled with plenty of pace to burn.

English, playing in the EPL with Chelsea, and relatively cheap make him a good pick up at CB.

Giorgio Chiellini - Juventus

OVR: 87

Cost: 15,000-16,250

Giorgio Chiellini FIFA 21 FUT
(Picture: FUTBIN)

A legend for Italy and Juventus Giorgio Chiellini is, at 36 years old, still one of the best CBs in the world.

His pace may not be what it was but there are few better defenders in the world. Left-footed, tall, and good physical stats more than makeup for his lack of pace.

Jérôme Boateng - Bayern Munich

OVR: 82

Cost: 1,400-1,600

Cheap cb in FIFA 21 FUT
(Picture: FUTBIN)

At 32 there are few trophies in world football that Boateng hasn't won with two Champions League winner's medals, eight Bundesliga in the bag, and one World Cup win with Germany back in 2014.

And it's that experience that makes him a steal at the 1,500 coins he will cost to pick up. Decent pace, great defensive stats, huge in stature and ready to be the rock in the heart of your defence.

Marc Bartra Aregall - Real Betis

OVR: 80

Cost: 1,100-1,500

Bartra FUT 20 team
(Picture: FUTBIN)

The ex-Barcelona man is a gifted defender that can be an asset in both defence and attack with good short and long-range passing helping you start attacks from the back.

Solid defensive stats are underpinned with good acceleration and sprint speed. Spanish and playing in LaLiga should make fitting him into your team easy.

Mason Holgate - Everton F.C

OVR: 77

Cost: 700-950

(Picture: FUTBIN)

Holgate has got a lot going for him, in the real world game and FIFA Ultimate Team.

Just 23 years old, he boasts strong defensive stats, a fine range of passing and the sort of sprint speed that can help him recover if mistakes are made.

Playing for Everton, in the Premier League and English to boot make him a bargain in the under 1000 coins range.

Ruben Vezo - Levante UD

OVR: 77

Cost: 850

Ruben Vezo FIFA 21 FIFA Ultimate Team best cheap cbs
(Picture: FUTBIN)

Our eighth and final CB, we have got a great cheap pick up for your FUT team. Ruben Bezo has top quality defensive stats with 81 standing and 80 sliding tackle, pair that with great jumping and a 76 on pace and you have all the makings of a great FIFA Ultimate Team CB.

Costing just 850 coins, Portuguese and playing his football in LaLiga means he should be able to slot into many teams.