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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

The best GKs to sign in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

These are some of the best, and cheapest, options for goalkeepers to help you build an amazing squad in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

To become a FIFA Ultimate Team maestro, you need to do more than come up with tactics and having the best chemistry possible around your roster, you also need to find the right pieces for the job.

One of the key areas you'll need to strengthen immediately is the goalkeeping position. A reliable man as your No. 1 is a must-have if you wish to succeed in the world of FUT.

Of course, it's easy to just aim for the statistically best goalkeepers out there, however, that might not be feasible for a lot of people who are on looking to create a beast team on a budget.

With that in mind, let's take a look at eight different options presented by FUTBIN to get the best bang for your buck while looking for the best GK in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team.

Best GKs in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Samir Handanovic - Inter Milan

OVR - 88

Cost: 18,500-20,750

Handanovic FIFA 21

While you may think 18k Coins is a steep price, most other GKs at his level go for at least 40k, so, relatively to his overall, this is a bargain. 

The Inter Milan veteran has no real weaknesses besides his Acceleration and Sprint Speed, so if you have extra currency to spare, there is definitely no better option than the Slovenian with his Diving, Reflexes, and Positioning almost reaching a 90 OVR.

Gianluigi Donnarumma - AC Milan

OVR - 85

Cost: 5,700-7,000

Donnarumma FIFA 21

Sticking with the city of Milan slightly less reliable option but easier on the pocket is that of Gianluigi Donnarumma, A.C Milan's young prodigy under the sticks. 

His speed is even lower than Handanovic's and doesn't reach the level of greatness in terms of Positioning and Handling, nevertheless, he's a solid choice with great rounded stats in general, making him one of the best budget options in the game. 

Salvatore Sirigu - Torino

OVR - 84

Cost: 3,000-4,100

sirigu fifa 21 fut

For our third Serie A keeper, we have veteran Italian Salvatore Sirigu, the perfect one if you're looking for the best cheapest option in FIFA 21.

Sure, compared to elite keepers, even with a decent 84 OVR, stats like his 80 on Handling and 82 on Reflexes probably means you're better off spending big money on a real difference-maker, however, if you're looking to bolster other areas of your squad first, the price you'll have to pay for a solid, all-arounder like Sirigu is very small, making him the best choice for those getting their start in the world of Ultimate Team.

Sergio Asenjo - Villarreal

OVR - 82

Cost: 750-900

Sergio Asenjo FUT

Want more budget options? Say no more!

Sergio Asenjo is far from an elite level goalkeeper, and none of his stats are particularly high enough to warrant him a spot in the best of the best squads, but if you're on an absolute tight budget, this could be the hero you need.

His 84 Diving, 82 Reflexes, and 82 Handling can get you out of tricky situations, especially if you're playing against other people that perhaps haven't built a team filled with superstars, and with a cost that doesn't even reach the 1,000 Coins, it's practically a steal.

Jan Oblak - Atletico Madrid

OVR - 91

Cost: 39,000-43,000

jan obklak fut

So you want the best of the best and don't care about paying a hefty fee? Then Atletico's Jan Oblak is your guy.

Simply put, there aren't that many keepers that can compare to him stats-wise, and at 39k, while he is relatively expensive, it's nothing compared to some Icons which can reach upper of 100k.

His Reflexes, Positioning, and Handling are all 90 and above, making him a lifesaver when playing against some of the best squads in FIFA Ultimate Team.

André Onana - Ajax

OVR - 84

Cost - 3,000-3,400

Onana FUT

The Ajax goalkeeper is another one of the best "bang for your buck" options out there, as he not only excels on the Reflexes (86), and Diving (84) departments, he's also one of the few GKs with amazing Kicking (87).
Onana's distribution can help out players that want to move the ball quickly, going for fast counterattacks and blistering transitions from defence to attack.

He's also very cheap, so Onana is definitely an incredible option for all types of teams.

Jiri Pavlenka - Werder Bremen

OVR - 82

Cost - 750-800

jiri pavlenka

If you're looking for a budget keeper that specialises in fast reflexes, your guy is definitely Jiri Pavlenka.

The Werder Bremen shot-stopper doesn't have the best Positioning (76), Handling (76), or Kicking (68), but his Reflexes are at a high 87, with Diving not far off at 84.

Sure, he won't be clinging a lot of the shots going his way, but you can be sure he'll pull some insane heart-stopping saves to save you from a certain goal or two.

Yann Sommer - Borussia Mönchengladbach

OVR - 86

Cost: 9,100-11,000

Yann Sommer FUT

For our last recommendation, we have a perfect goalkeeper for the up and comers squad builders of FUT.

Sommer boasts well-rounded stats, with his only real weakness being his 80 in Diving. His Reflexes, Handling, Kicking, and Positioning are all above 85 at the very least, which seems like a decent tradeoff, especially if you consider that it's not an expensive signing to make, definitely one to keep an eye on.