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Bayern star Alphonso Davies pulls Messi from FIFA 22 FUT Gold Pack

In a recent Twitch stream in which he was playing FIFA 22, Bayern FC superstar Alphonso Davies packed Messi in an Ultimate Team Premium Gold Pack. Here's what the gaming community is saying about the pack luck of the Canadian superstar.
Bayern star Alphonso Davies pulls Messi from FIFA 22 FUT Gold Pack
All FIFA gamers know the feeling, the rush of excitement in anticipation of opening an Ultimate Team pack. Wheter you spent FIFA points, FUT coins, or simply unlocked the pack as a reward, the lottery-like feel of hoping to receive a top-level card is unique to the game.

Unfortunately, it seems as though the return on investment from those packs just never seems to match up. Well, now we have proof that at least sometimes those packs can contain a player worth the price of purchse.

Here's what the gaming community is saying after a recent Twitch stream from Bayern FC superstar saw Alphonso Davies pack Messi.

FIFA 22 Alphonso Davies packs Messi in Ultimate Team
Alphonso Davies is a superstar on the pitch, and it seems as though the EA Servers give him the same treatment. (Picture: EA Sports)

Alphonso Davies gets Messi in a FIFA 22 Gold Pack

Gold Packs in FIFA Ultimate Team are a popular way for players to conduct all types of business for their clubs. These packs can contain a number of items including rare players, managers, contracts, and many other kinds of Ultimate Team club items.

There are multiple different kinds of packs, ranging in level of rarity as well as price. Some packs guarantee a player of a certain rating or higher (ex. 83+ rated player) but it seems as though the packs leave you wanting time and time again.

Enter Alphonso Davies, 20 year old Canadian phenom, Bayern FC sensation, and quite possibly the best Left Back in world football. Davies has recently been streaming his FIFA gameplay, as Ultimate Team is very popular amongst footballers.

As you can expect, the replies are filled with FIFA gamers longing for a sliver of the pack-luck that Davies had. Some replying that they can't even pack an Alphonso Davies, meanwhile Alphonso Davies is packing a Messi.

With all of this being said, any and all FIFA Ultimate Team gamers will very likey continue to purchase Gold Packs ad nauseum, such is the EA Sports way.

We'll keep you up to date with all the other important news and storylines surrounding FIFA 22 over on our dedicated page.

Featured image via EA Sports.