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FIFA 23 Review Bombed Over Botched Anti-Cheat & Microtransactions

FIFA 23 is being hit with brutal negative reviews as fans slam EA for its "pay-to-win" mechanics, failed anti-cheat, and more.
FIFA 23 Review Bombed Over Botched Anti-Cheat & Microtransactions

Various aspects determine whether a game is great, good, or horrendously bad. In recent light of Electronic Arts Sports (EA Sports) launching the newest edition of its flagship football game franchise, FIFA 23, it seems not many people liked the game. This news comes after fans review bombed FIFA 23 online.

On 30th September 2022, EA launched FIFA 23. Unfortunately, immediately after fans started playing the game, the community began posting negative reviews, citing botched anti-cheat systems and dreadful microtransactions. On Google alone, FIFA 23 has an audience rating of 2.3, which is shockingly low for any game, AAA or indie.

FIFA 23 Is Being Review Bombed Because It's "Trash"

electronic arts fifa 23
Electronic Arts launched FIFA 23 on 30th September 2022.

FIFA 23's rating has continued to drop after community members flooded review sites to share their despisal of EA Sports, citing that the game was poorly made. Accordingly, most fans have labeled it the “worst” game throughout the franchise's existence.

Fans have posted negative reviews across Metacritic, Google, and many other sites, stating the game feels the “same” and that most of the mechanics and modes are “outdated.”

Despite creditable sources and publications labeling FIFA 23 as generally good, including the Metacritic Critic rating being 7.7, fans beg to differ as that score drops drastically down to 2.4 over widespread concerns and distaste from the community.

Most comments are widely generic, stating that FIFA 23 hasn’t changed the slightest and feels like FIFA 22 but repainted and disguised as something new in the franchise.

fifa fans despise pay to win mechanics fifa 23
FIFA fans absolutely despise the "pay-to-win" mechanics in FIFA 23.

Another widely-complained issue about FIFA 23 is microtransactions. Fans have expressed how they hate the “pay-to-win” mechanics that make the game feel “unfair” for those unwilling or unable to spend copious amounts of money.

Although the franchise has shared some criticism across previous games, it seems even more prevalent in FIFA 23.

But if paying to be the best in FIFA 23 isn’t the fast track to being a powerhouse at the game, then maybe cheating will do the trick. Fans are tearing EA Sports apart for its lax and inefficient anti-cheat system that seemingly doesn’t prevent people from cheating.

fifa fans review bombing fifa 23
FIFA fans are review bombing FIFA 23 online.

The community has been supposedly experiencing massive amounts of cheating cases that have ruined games; this comes after FIFA 23’s newly-implemented anti-cheat system seemingly failed to work as intended on PC.

These issues have caused fans to feel immensely frustrated, especially considering they paid a lot of money to play FIFA 23, all to know it's supposedly a refurbished version of FIFA 22 and a money-pit disguised as a game with a supposedly faulty anti-cheat system.

fifa fans absolutely hate fifa 23 metacritic google audience rating falls
FIFA fans absolutely hate FIFA 23; Metacritic and Google audience ratings fall under 2.5.

It’s uncertain whether or not the review bombing will force EA Sports to change a few aspects of FIFA 23. However, what is sure is that the community isn’t happy at all with the state of the game.

In the long run, this may cause a lot of dissuasion for potential FIFA 23 customers not to endeavor the supposedly “painstaking” experience of playing FIFA 23. Until changes are made, these ratings will continue to lower, but will the criticism die down, or will EA Sports crumble under pressure? Time will tell.

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