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Scouting Guide For Career Mode - FIFA 23

Building a proper scouting network could be the key to success for your Career Mode in FIFA 23. Read through our full scouting guide for the latest release.
Scouting Guide For Career Mode - FIFA 23

Developing a powerful Youth Academy is one of the keys to being successful in FIFA 23's Career Mode. Bringing on new young players breathes some life into your team and it opens up the potential for your career.

So if you are focusing on Career Mode in FIFA 23, developing a strong scouting network is essential when you start. With a strong scouting network, You can build a team with a high ceiling.

The Art Of Scouting In FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Career Mode Scout Scout Network
Choosing the best scouts is essential for your team's development in Career Mode. (Picture: EA Sports)

One of the first things you should do in Career Mode in FIFA 23 is set up your scouting network. This network will not only bring you potentially better players, but it is also an amazing way to make money in the future.

The way scouting works is not too complicated. When you start career mode, your team will already have a scout ready to get to work. Depending on what team you decide to go with in Career Mode, there is a chance that your scout will not be the best. You can tell by their star rating.

Scouts in FIFA 23 will have two skills: Experience and Judgement. More stars in the experience slot mean that scouts will bring in a higher number of players to you in their monthly report. The more stars they have in their judgment skill, the higher quality players they will bring to you.

More than likely, your starting scout will only have one star in each of these skills. You should fire them immediately and hire three different scouts. This will maximize the number of players your scouts will bring to you.

Once you have your scouts, you will need to give them a scouting network. You do this by giving them a network of countries for them to look at. The countries themselves do not matter too much when it comes to player quality.

Now what does matter is what they are looking for in a player. You can set up types of players you will want to focus on when they are scouting in these countries. The best types of players to focus on are goalkeepers, physically strong players, or any players.

FIFA 23 Career Mode Scouting Network
Having the best scouting network in FIFA 23 Career Mode could be the key to a successful season. (Picture: EA Sports

If you have to focus on one type of player, you should focus on physically strong players for scouting. The reason for this is that they are not limited by their size and grow to become monsters. You can train them for nearly whatever position you need to fill for your team. Physically strong players can become nearly anything.

From here, it is up to you to manage which players are worth developing for keeping on your team, and which ones you can build up to sell for a profit down the line.

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Featured image courtesy of EA Sports.