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Volley Challenge - How To Score Volleys In FIFA 23

Dominate the Volley Challenges and score mesmerizing goals with our guide on how to volley in FIFA 23.
Volley Challenge - How To Score Volleys In FIFA 23

There are many ways to score satisfying and skillful goals in FIFA 23, from satisfying headers to the classic and spectacular volley. FIFA 23 also sees a new Ultimate Team Volley Challenges, requiring players to score a goal using a volley.

Below you can find all the tips and tricks you need to score epic volleys in FIFA 23 and dominate the Volley Challenges. In addition, we will provide some extra tips you should know to succeed at scoring volleys every time. 

How To Score Volleys In FIFA 23

Volley Challenge How To Score Volleys In FIFA 23 Volleying
Executing a volley is technically simple but harder in execution. (Picture: EA)

Regarding button input, volleying a ball in FIFA 23 is fairly simple: press Circle | B (depending on if you're on PlayStation or Xbox) when the ball is in the air but close to your player on its descent.

However, scoring a volley isn't as simple as crossing the ball and hoping for the best; you need some strategy to pull it off successfully every time.

In particular, you should ensure your shots are well-timed, have sufficient space to pull one off, and are done with the necessary power to beat the keeper. The general advice for volleying is to feed your striker a good cross by pressing Square | X into or around the box's edge.

Then, take control of your striker as the ball travels through the air. Afterward, press and hold Circle | B to charge the shot, using your left analog stick to aim. Then, when you feel like you have enough power on your volley, let go of Circle | B and take the shot.

It's important to remember that less power is generally better. You don't want the shot to overcharge the strike and send the ball flying. Instead, give a little less power than required; that way, even if you don't score, you'll have a shot on target that puts the keeper to the test.

Volley Challenge How To Score Volleys In FIFA 23 completing challenge by doing a full volley
You must execute a full volley to complete the Volley Challenge in FIFA 23. (Picture: EA)

When it comes to the Ultimate Team Volley Challenges, there is only one thing you need to remember: volleys scored need to be a proper volley, not a half volley. This means the ball cannot bounce between the cross and the volley shot.

However, following the tips above should see you executing volleys perfectly. That concludes our guide on volleying in FIFA 23.

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Featured image courtesy of Electronic Arts.