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Epic Games Reveals Fortnite, Destiny 2 & Fall Guys Collabs At Gamescom 2022

Epic Games announced its collaboration with Bungie Inc. at Gamescom 2022, merging the worlds between Fortnite, Fall Guys, and Destiny 2.
Epic Games Reveals Fortnite, Destiny 2 & Fall Guys Collabs At Gamescom 2022

Gamescom 2022 made several interesting announcements, including multiple upcoming PC and console games, events, and collaborations. In related news, Epic Games revealed its partnership with Bungie Inc. on 24th August 2022, bringing various cosmetics between the gameplay titles.

The collaboration will merge the worlds of Fornite, Fall Guys, and Destiny 2 for a limited time, with purchasable Destiny 2-themed cosmetics becoming available in the Fortnite and Fall Guys stores; Guardians can also buy Fortnite-themed skins during the collaboration. Additionally, there will be a "Control" game mode in Fortnite for players to enjoy during the period.

Fortnite, Fall Guys, and Destiny 2 Collaboration

epic games collaboration bungie gamescom
Epic Games revealed its collaboration with Bungie Inc. at Gamescom 2022. (Picture: Epic Games / Bungie Inc.)

Gamescom 2022 is an event comprising hundreds of gaming developers, publishers, and related companies, as well as various features to keep attendees entertained like gaming, merchandise, food and drink booths, and more.

During this event, Epic Games officially unveiled its collaboration featuring its games Fortnite and Fall Guys crossing over with Bungie-owned title Destiny 2. Additionally, all games will feature unique, limited-time, themed cosmetics to purchase.

snapshot guardian zone control mode fortnite
This is a snapshot of the Guardian Zone Control Mode in Fortnite. (Picture: Epic Games / Bungie Inc.)

In the culmination of the collaboration, Fortnite will feature various skins, including Destiny 2’s fan-favorite characters, Commander Zavala, Ikora Rey, and the Exo Stranger. In addition, players can purchase other cosmetics like back blings, emotes, pickaxes, and gliders in the store.

Additionally, players can show off these Destiny 2-themed cosmetics in-game by playing the “Guardian Zone Control Mode” on Javelin-4 island in Creative. Players can find the map can be “in the “Discover” screen (Lobby > “CHANGE” button), or you can input the island code 0642-9767-7225 (Lobby > “CHANGE” button” > “Island Code” tab).”

destiny 2 fall guys cosmetics
These are the Destiny 2-themed Fall Guys cosmetics. (Picture: Epic Games / Bungie Inc.)

For Fall Guys, players can purchase Destiny 2-themed skins, while in Destiny 2, Guardians can buy Fortnite-themed cosmetics. The Fall Guys' skins resemble all three primary classes: Hunter, Warlock, and Titan.

On the other hand, the Destiny 2 Fortnite-themed ornaments feature three of the most known cosmetics: Black Knight-themed Knightly Noire Titan, Drift-themed Painted Kitsune Warlock, and Oblivion-themed Eternal Vengeance Hunter. 

The monolithic game companies haven’t revealed much of what’s expected to debut across Fall Guys and Destiny 2 besides cosmetics, but they urge fans to keep an eye out for more information coming soon.

Feel free to watch Fortnite's official cinematic on its collaboration with Destiny 2 above. Find more details on Epic Games website.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games / Bungie Inc.