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Fortnite Ariana Grande live event: Exact dates and times

Hyped for the Ariana Grande live event in Fortnite but don't know the exact times and dates for those in the UK? Well, we've got you covered with the exact details of the Rift Tour.
Fortnite Ariana Grande live event: Exact dates and times

The Fortnite Rift Tour is a "musical journey into magical new realities" and we know for sure there will be a live Ariana Grande event, as the international superstar joins Fortnite, not only as an ICON Series skin but thanks to an exciting concert as well. Since Fortnite players from across the globe can all attend the live event in-game, and timezones can get a little tricky if you are trying to convert them from ET time to BST or anything else really. With that in mind, here's a quick guide to the exact start dates and times for the Fortnite live event in the UK, and other regions.

What time is the Fortnite live event in the UK?

First and foremost, if you don't want to miss Ariana Grande's appearance via the live event in Fortnite, you should update the game to v17.30 in case you haven't logged in recently.

While the official advertisement for the Rift Tour says it starts on 6th August, things get a bit tricky when timezones from across the globe are thrown into the mix.

Fortnite live event times dates time start UK schedule Ariana grande Rift Tour
The first show kicks off late at night for those in the UK (Picture: Epic Games)

For our readers in the UK (BST time) who want to know exactly when the Fortnite live event featuring Ariana Grande will begin, we've got you covered with the schedule in your timezone below.

  • 1st show: 6th August at 23:00.
  • 2nd show: 7th August at 19:00.
  • 3rd show: 8th August at 05:00.
  • 4th show: 8th August at 15:00.
  • 5th show: 8th August at 23:00.

Epic Games recommends players load up Fortnite one hour (60 minutes) before the show begins. The Rift Tour playlist will go live 30 minutes ahead of the show.

While the goal is for everyone to join in, the developers simply can't guarantee servers won't reach capacity. If this happens, you should try and join one of the other Fortnite live shows for the Rift Tour event via the dates and times above.

Fortnite Rift Tour live event schedule per region

If you aren't in the UK, then you might still be unsure when the Fortnite Rift Tour live event begins in your region. Timezones can be confusing, after all. 

We urge everyone to check the Rift Tour website for the exact times in their region. Here, you will be able to see the exact time for the live event to get underway in Fortnite for your region.

Fortnite live event what time starts begins when UK rift tour ariana grande schedule
The exact times and dates for South Africans (Picture: Epic Games)

The image above showcases an example of myself heading to the site mentioned above, which shows the time in SAST.

So there you have it, the exact dates and times of the Ariana Grande live event in Fortnite, for those in the UK. Yes, you can attend more than one show.

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