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Fortnite Atlantis POI release date and 30 July map changes

Thanks to dataminers, the Fortnite Atlantis POI release date has been revealed, and there are some map changes as water levels lower.
With the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 flood, large parts of the map were covered in water. Throughout the weeks, the water levels continue to lower, with more map changes thanks to water levels going down. Now, thanks to dataminers, we also know the release date of the Fortnite Atlantis Point-of-Interest (POI). 


Fortnite Atlantis POI release date

With the water levels continuing to go down, we will soon see a new POI appear. The release date for the Fortnite Atlantis POI is 1 August at 08:00 UK time, which is when players will be able to explore Aquaman's home town.

This is according to dataminers over at VastBlast.



While we don't have any confirmed details on the Fortnite Atlantis POI, expect it to be similar to the Deadpool's Yacht POI which released in Season 2. There should also be a boss to take down for some shiny loot.



Fortnite map changes on 30 July

With the Fortnite map changes on 30 July, there's only one water level left. The last water level should reveal the Fortnite Atlantis POI. The Fortnite map changes on 30 July, however, includes Sweaty Sands returning to normal, more roads starting to appear, and chests getting moved around.

The main Fortnite map changes on 30 July include:

  • Sweaty Sands fully returns
  • Roads at Slurpy appear
  • Camp Cod becomes less flooded

Check out the Fortnite map via FireMonkey with recent changes below.


Fortnite Atlantis POI Map changes
The current Fortnite map (Picture: FireMonkey)


As you can see, the map is almost back to normal, and knowing Epic Games, they are setting up for something big. With the return of more roads, we might finally see cars appear in the game.