Fortnite leak reveals Infected LTM could be on the way in Season 2

A new leak appears to have revealed a new Infected limited-time mode is coming to Fortnite, potentially drawing inspiration from other shooters.
Fortnite leak reveals Infected LTM could be on the way in Season 2
  • A dataminer has unearthed details of a potential Infected limited-time mode in Fortnite
  • Files refer to "Infected" and "Survivors" in a new addition to the update
  • It could be in a similar vein to Apex Legends' Halloween mode last year
  • Following the launch of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, dataminers have picked apart the update to see what’s in the pipeline.  

    According to dataminer iFireMonkey, a new limited-time mode (LTM) looks set to put into rotation, with files referring to “Infected” and “Survivor” teams. There’s other mentions too of “Scream”, “Heartbeat”, “Growl” and “Double Jump”. 

    While details are thin, speculation points to a Fortnite riff on Infected modes seen in titles like Call of Duty and Halo – where one player starts off as “infected” and has to kill the other “survivor” players to convert them, with the winner being the last one standing.  

    Interestingly, Apex Legends released their own spin on Infected last year titled Shadowfall; where, after being killed, players return to the battlefield as a member of the Shadow Squad with no weapons but a powerful melee attack and increased speed.  

    Once there’s only 10 living players left, the goal changes to surviving against the Shadow Squad until a drop-ship arrives to pick up the remaining Legends.  

    It’s possible Epic Games might emulate a similar model if a Fortnite Infected mode comes to fruition, although it’s important to note the developer has made no indication this is on the cards. 

    Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is set to end on 30th April, with a Deadpool skin set to arrive some time before then. You can check out what’s featured in Season 2 here.