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Atlanta FaZe sweep Call of Duty League Home Series as Chicago Huntsmen fail to reach final

Atlanta FaZe managed to secure the trophy at their Call Of Duty Atlanta Home Series, as they look to overthrow Chicago Huntsmen as the dominant team.
Atlanta FaZe sweep Call of Duty League Home Series as Chicago Huntsmen fail to reach final
  • Atlanta FaZe have become the new team to beat after winning their Home Series
  • Chicago Huntsmen failed to make the final after losing to Florida Mutineers
  • There were some emotional moments between opposing brothers Prestinni and Arcitys
  • The third Call of Duty League weekend saw dramatic upsets, emotional brotherly love and an impressive home victory for Atlanta FaZe.

    While most perhaps expected a final between Atlanta FaZe and early frontrunners Chicago Huntsmen, the latest homestand was an exciting reminder to never underestimate the teams chipping at the heels of the perceived favourites.

    In an early upset, Florida Mutineers knocked out London Royal Ravens in a closely-fought 3-2 result - with star player Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson pulling off an incredible 13 kill streak.

    Following their win, the Florida Mutineers faced Chicago Huntsmen in the semi-final. After going down 2-0, Mutineers managed to claw their way back to secure a 3-2 reverse sweep — winning the final round of Search and Destroy with a comfortable 6-2 victory.

    The shocking upset was a particularly emotional match for twin brothers Prestinni and Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson who plays for Chicago Huntsmen, with the pair now in opposing teams after winning the Call of Duty World League Championship 2019 together under eUnited.

    In the other semi-final it was an identical scenario, with Atlanta FaZe pulling off a reverse sweep against Minnesota ROKKR after they almost looked poised to upset the home crowd.

    The final between Atlanta FaZe and Florida Mutineers saw the home team dominate in Hardpoint, winning game one with a straight-forward 250-138 lead.

    Search and Destroy was much closer with both teams tied after the first eight rounds, although Atlanta FaZe managed to pull away to secure a 6-4 victory.

    The last game of Domination was even closer, with FaZe and Mutineers tussling over each base until the former managed to gain the upper-hand by taking all three across the map. As the timer ran down, FaZe secured the map 148-137 and won the home series with a clean 3-0 win.

    After the match, FaZe player McArthur “Cellium” Jovel was crowned MVP with his own special trophy. For the win, Atlanta FaZe secure themselves 50 CDL points and the majority share of a $50,000 prize pool. 

    Call Of Duty Atlanta Home Series results
    Atlanta FaZe are hot on the heels of Chicago Huntsmen, who have played more matches (Picture: CDL)

    The key takeaway from this home series is Atlanta FaZe asserting their dominance in the Call of Duty League, who remain undefeated across all their matches.

    While Chicago Huntsmen may have fallen as the dominant team, the highly anticipated match-up between them and FaZe is still yet to happen - so it’s perhaps too early to rule them out just yet.

    The next Call of Duty home series is for Los Angeles Guerrillas and Optic Gaming on 7-8th March.

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