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Fortnite Rift Tour Alien Hologram Pad location: How to get Cloud Kitty emoticon

Here is how you can find the Party UFO and Alien Hologram Pad in Fortnite and earn an epic Rift Tour event Cloud Kitty emote reward!
Fortnite Rift Tour Alien Hologram Pad location: How to get Cloud Kitty emoticon

Epic Games have announced a huge collaboration with a certain musical superstar as part of the "Fortnite Rift Tour". Although Epic Games didn't divulge exactly who this superstar is, we're pretty certain it's Ariana Grande. If that's not enough, there is also a collaboration with DC's Suicide Squad releasing sometime today.

The Rift Tour event is set to be a spectacle, kicking off from the 6th of August, and has been described as a "musical journey into magical new realities". There are a few challenges that you can complete ahead of the event in order to earn epic Rift-themed rewards. 

How to interact with Alien Hologram Pad on Party UFO

Finding the Alien Hologram Pad on the Party UFO is one of three Rift Tour challenges. Sadly you won't earn any XP but you will receive epic Rift-themed rewards, including a Cosmic Cuddles loading screen, a Rift-sterpiece Spray, and a Cloudy Kitty emoticon.

Fortnite Rift TOur ariana grande challenges rewards quests
(Picture: Epic Games)

Before searching for a match, head to the Rift Tour tab and "Save The Date". Simply head to the dedicated tab in the Main Menu and choose a date that is best suited for your region. This in itself is a quest completed and will earn you a Cosmic Cuddles loading screen.

fortnite rift tour save the date
Fortnite Rift Tour tab (Picture: Epic Games)

Next, you'll have to find and interact with the Alien Hologram Pad on top of the Party UFO. This is a relatively easy quest to complete. All you have to do is navigate to the centre of the map. You'll find the Party UFO landing site in the middle of the purple-coloured area.

fortnite rift tour quest alien hologram cloud kitty emoticon
Location of Party UFO site in The Aftermath (Picture: Epic Games)

The Party UFO should be pretty easy to spot from the sky. This is why it's a good idea to land there directly after jumping off the bus.

As you descend, make sure that you land on top of the UFO. Once you have landed, look around for the Alien Hologram Pad. You can find it near the South-West part of the spacecraft.

party ufo alien hologram pad fortnite rift tour event reward
Alien Hologram Pad at South West part of Party UFO (Picture: Epic Games)

You'll know when you have found it because the Hologram Pad will be hovering mid-air, and illuminated with pink and blue light. Simply interact with it by walking toward it.

fortnite rift tour quest alien hologram pad
Interact with Alien Hologram Pad (Picture: Epic Games)

You'll be given low gravity as you approach it, bolting you up into the air. This will signal the completion of this quest and you will receive a Cloud Kitty emote as a reward.

fortnite rift tour event cloud kitty emote alien hologram pad
Cloud Kitty emote reward (Picture: Epic Games)

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You can watch a walkthrough of what to do in the video below.

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