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Fortnite Vending Machine device - How to use

We show you how to use the Vending Machine Device in Fortnite Creative and all the features it offers players.
Fortnite Vending Machine device - How to use

Fortnite Creative gives you access to some devices you haven't seen before and some that you have. One of them is the vending machines that you can find in the regular battle royale mode, but now it's yours to make and tamper with as you please. 

If you want to know more about the Vending Machine Device, we have you covered with today's post on exactly what the Vending machine device is and how to use it in Fortnite Creative.

What is the Vending Machine Device in Fortnite

The vending machine device is pretty much what you'd expect it to be. A device that allows you to place a vending machine and choose which items it will dispense for an optional cost to the player(more on that later). 

Fortnite Creative vending machine Device how to use dispense items and set up
The Vending Machine in Fortnite Creative allows you to place three items inside and dispense them as you please. (Picture: Twitter / FortINTEL)

The machine works in the same way as in the Battle Royale mode, allowing only three items per machine, and to choose which item you want it to dispense, you have to hit it with your pickaxe. Since this is Creative mode, however, you can do a lot more than only deciding which items it dispenses and, we’ll cover that as we move on to how to use the Vending Machine Device.

How to use the Vending Machine device in Fortnite

From Build mode in your Creative world, hit the Tab key and head to the devices tab. Then scroll until you find the Vending Machine Device, or you can search for it or browse the categories. 

Fortnite Creative Vending Machine Device is how to find how to use and how to place
The Vending Machine Device is found in the build menu of Fortnite Creative. (Picture: EpicGames)

Once you find it, either click "PLACE NOW" to place the device or put the device in your quick bar to place it later. You can then use your phone to place the device and press Esc to detach it from your phone. To interact with it, simply walk up to it and hit E when you see a customise option appear. 

Once you have it placed, you can start playing around with it. Vending machines have a few basic settings you can tweak, such as the cost of the three items inside, the type of resource is required to buy it (Wood, Stone, Metal or Gold), and whether it will dispense bonus ammo for weapons, and lastly, the style of the vending machine itself.

Then you can do some more advanced customisations. Like enabling it at the start of the game and the interaction time. Then you can also hook it up to transmitters and channels, to trigger the machine to dispense items when a certain action is performed, like a player reaching a certain number of eliminations. This can be done by hooking it up to a Player Reference Device for instance.

Fortnite Creative Vending Machine Device resized example and how to use
The vending machine Device can also be resized and customised in various ways in Fortnite Creative. (Picture: EpicGames)

And finally, you can change the actual size of the Vending machines, which while it looks a little silly or adorable depending on who you ask, can be useful to set up machines with loads of items inside that don't take up a lot of space, you can also find a full list of customisation options in the Vending Machine Device documentation.

And that's everything you need to know about the Vending MachineDevices in Fortnite and how to use them.


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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.