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How To Hunt Zombies Or Zombie Chickens In Fortnite

Will you be able to survive an encounter against zombies or zombie chickens? Here's how to complete the Fortnitemares Quest in Fortnite.
How To Hunt Zombies Or Zombie Chickens In Fortnite

Halloween is in full swing, as terrifying monsters and the undead roam the map in Fortnitemares. This limited-time event has players hastily traveling around the island to complete the event’s story questline for some chilling rewards.

One Fortnitemares Quest will have you in pursuit of undead creatures, zombies, and zombie chickens, but where can you find them? We have the full details on where to locate them for the Fortnitemares event in Fortnite.

Fortnitemares 2022 – Where To Find Zombies And Zombie Chickens

Fortnitemares has more than a dozen Halloween-themed quests that players can attempt to complete to earn various rewards. While a few are objective-based or connected to different items, weapons, and characters, one, in particular, have you chasing after the undead.

Taking a page from The Walking Dead, one daily Fortnitemares Quest will have you hunt down zombies or zombie chickens. These undead creatures aren’t too afraid to reveal themselves but finding them may only be attempted by brave players.

While their spawning locations vary and are too many to name, there is one place with plenty of zombies and zombie chickens for you to find. This location is also connected to another daily Fortnitemares Quest, so there’s a high chance you can complete both quests simultaneously by prioritizing the zombies first.

fortnite events guide fortnitemares quests hunt zombies zombie chickens grim gables map location
Grim Gables is a hotspot for zombies and zombie chickens, with a few quests to complete in this location. (Picture: YouTube / HarryNinetyFour)

Travel to Grim Gables, south of Lustrous Lagoon, and make your way toward a house located south of a cornfield in this area. Starting from the pumpkin patch area, you can find one of four Terrifying Tablatures to dig up and collect, but most importantly, some zombies or zombie chickens will head your way to attack.

Additionally, a few zombies are patrolling Willow’s Haunt, located northwest of the Reality Tree POI. To complete this Fortnitemares Quest, you are required to hunt down five zombies or zombie chickens, but no word if this must happen in a single match or several matches.

fortnite events guide fortnitemares quests hunt zombies zombie chickens grim gables pumpkin patch
Be careful where you step because a zombie chicken may sneak attack you. (Picture: YouTube / HarryNinetyFour)

After successfully eliminating five zombies or zombie chickens, you will be rewarded with 15,000 XP and contribute toward your Fortnitemares Quests progression. Continue to do this, and you will unlock various rewards upon reaching specific milestones.

Lastly, there’s another Fortnitemares Quest linked to the zombie chicken, in which you’ll need to fly one. So if you’re still at Willow’s Haunt or Grim Gables, grab one of the clucking undead roosters and fly with them to unlock rewards.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.