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How to find Fortnite Alien Parasites and their effects

Here's how you can find some Alien Parasites in Fortnite and the effects of having them attached to your head following the v17.10 update.
How to find Fortnite Alien Parasites and their effects

Despite the Fortnite v17.10 update causing some issues, like the temporary disappearance of Believer Beach, the central point of the Cosmic Summer Celebration, there's also a lot of new, out-of-this-world cosmetics for players to enjoy. From the ability to get abducted and enter the mammoth alien Mothership, to finding new weapons and much more. With the latest update, alien Parasites have also entered the island, and you actually might want to get one attached to your head due to their effects in Fortnite.

How to find alien Parasites in Fortnite

To find alien Parasites in Fortnite is quite easy. All you need to do is head to some wildlife, which have mostly been infected by these little creatures.

Epic Games explains: "These creatures can often be seen parasitizing chickens, boars, and wolves. If you take damage from parasitized wildlife, their slime will gradually deplete some of your Health. Defeating an animal with a Parasite on it will make that Parasite jump on you, which could very well be a sound strategy. We expect their population to grow as they adapt to the Island."

Check out some of the first Parasite gameplay by YouTuber Benthehitman32 below.

Basically, all you need to do is follow the step below to find an alien Parasite, and get it to attach to your character's head.

  • Jump into Fortnite's Battle Royale.
  • Find either wolves, chickens or boars.
  • Look for an infected animal and kill it.
  • Allow the parasite to jump onto your head.

Following these steps will get a little buddy attached to your head. If you want them off, well, then jump into the water, set yourself on fire, take enough damage or get into one of the props such as a dumpster.

Fortnite alien Parasite effects

Getting an alien Parasite attached to your head in Fortnite, despite popular belief, might actually be a good thing.

Alien Parasites have some great effects for the players they attach to, however, you will need to sacrifice some of your health in the process.

Fortnite parasite alien how to find effects(Picture: Benthehitman32)

First of all, getting an alien Parasite attached to your head has a bit of a drawback. This creature will slowly drain health down to 60 HP, but it won't affect your shields at all.

To compensate, players gain some great effects, such as increased movement speed and the ability to jump higher. Further, as these alien Parasites are attached to players' heads, they protect players from headshot damage.

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