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Where is Believer Beach in Fortnite? Epic investigates disappearance

Are you wondering what happened to Believer Beach in Fortnite? Well, it appears that it is currently bugged and Epic Games is investigating the issue.
Update: Epic Games has announced that Believer Beach is back in action several hours after the Fortnite update was released.

Update ends - original article follows.

The Fortnite v17.10 update brought a lot of new stuff to the island, from the Cosmic Summer Celebration with a tonne of rewards and quests, to players getting abducted by the Mothership, as well as several new cosmetic items. However, one thing that wasn't planned was the disappearance of the Believer Beach POI. If you are wondering where Believer Beach is, well, then you are not alone.

Where is Believer Beach in Fortnite?

The Believer Beach POI in Fortnite is located where Sweaty Sands once was, before the Chapter 2 Season 7 update.

Check out the map below, as well as all the new POI added in Season 7 just in case you haven't played Fortnite for a while.

Cosmic Party Fortnite Believer beach location where is bugged glitch epic games disappearance
(Picture: Epic Games)

But wait...there appears to be an issue. Maybe Fortnite fans didn't believe enough, or maybe, just maybe, the Fortnite v17.10 update actually broke a few things.

Is the Fortnite Believer Beach POI bugged?

The short answer is yes. Epic Games is currently investigating the disappearance of the Believer Beach POI in Fortnite.

Epic Games is currently investigating the disappearance of Believer Beach, as it is nowhere to be found.

Apparently, some buildings in the Holly Hedges POI have also disappeared. This doesn't seem to be some kind of ruse by Epic Games, as the developer is looking into the situation.

With the Mothership actually having abducted POI locations inside it, one can't help but wonder what happened to Believer Beach. The truth...of course...is out there.

We will update this article once Believer Beach returns to Fortnite. Don't worry, you have the right location...

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