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Kratos will join Fortnite Season 5 according to leak

HYPEX, a reliable source of leaked information within the Fortnite community, has posted an image of the Demigod alleging he'll make his debut in the battle royale during Chapter 2 Season 5.
Kratos will join Fortnite Season 5 according to leak
As it's tradition, a new massive Fortnite update brings a ton of leaks, giving fans an unofficial glimpse at what's to come in terms of content and cosmetic items, with an incredible Kratos skin seemingly being on the way according to data miners.

HYPEX, a respected and highly reliable data miner within the Fortnite community, posted the following image of the Demigod himself, being teased as one of the new intergalactic hunters, perfectly fitting the theme surrounding Season 5, titled Zero Point.

kratos in fortnite
(Image: Epic Games)

With update v15.00 that kicks-off Chapter 2 Season 5 of Epic's battle royale after an incredible close to Season 4, which saw Galactus invade the island, a huge amount of skins, emotes, and more content that will hit the game in the near future was leaked,  but none seem as exciting to fans as Kratos in the flesh.

Talking about content already in the game, the biggest draw for many is the inclusion of Mando alongside The Child, or Baby Yoda as he's more commonly known (we'll avoid using his real name to avoid spoiling it!), the two stars of The Mandalorian show.

Players can look for the Razor Crest ship located on the island and can even seek out the Mandalorian, fight him, and earn his mythic loot which includes the powerful Amban Sniper Rifle and his Jetpack.