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Predator coming to Fortnite? Epic teases new crossover at Stealthy Stronghold

It seems that Fortnite Season 5 will have more crossovers than ever before and one of them could be the legendary extraterrestrial hunter, Predator.
Predator coming to Fortnite? Epic teases new crossover at Stealthy Stronghold

If there's one thing Fortnite is known for even amongst people who don't play it, it is its many crossovers with different franchises.

These collabs have brought so many famous characters fighting side by side on the battle royale's iconic island.

We have superheroes and villains from both Marvel and DC Comics, celebrities, NFL players, guest stars from other games, and recently, the god of war himself, Kratos, can be seen fighting the Mandalorian in Fortnite.

But Epic is not planning on stopping there, and if leaks and rumours are true, more crossovers are set to happen soon.

Halo's Master Chief could be next, but the evidence is suggesting that before that, we might see one of the deadliest hunters in the galaxy heading up to Fortnite.

As spotted by a YouTuber T5G, Stealthy Stronghold, one of the new POIs on the Season 5 map, has teasers that are strongly suggesting that the Predator, a member of the fictional alien species from the movie franchise of the same name, might soon come as a new boss on the location.

First, there's a truck being used as a generator, which is the same as in the first Predator movie.

predator fortnite
(Picture: Epic Games/T5G)

Then, there's a crashed helicopter, which alludes to a scene from the first movie, when the team discovers the wreckage of a helicopter.

predator fortnite
(Picture: Epic Games/T5G) 

Probably the most obvious clue is the Predator logo which can be seen near the north edge of Stealthy Stronghold, on a door that can't be opened.

predator fortnite
(Picture: Epic Games/T5G) 

Leaker FortTory has found some clues in the game's files referencing to a possible boss at Stealthy Strongholds. Could this boss be the Predator?

Finally, in one of the many "audio transmissions" Epic has shared as teasers, Jones is mentioning "venomous snakes and strange predators", and at which point you hear the unsettling, yet the recognizable sound of the Predator.

All these clues are pointing towards the imminent visit from the Yautja (the real name of the Predator race) to Fortnite,  probably delivering some Mythic loot in the process and the Predator character skin.

With Fortnite x Predator crossover being all but confirmed, the question remains, will we get Alan "Dutch" Schaefer as well? 

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.