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Shroud claims Fortnite "number one" battle royale, over Apex Legends and Warzone

Shroud has made a bold claim that Fortnite, rather than Warzone or Apex Legends, is the best battle royale, given its unique feature, says "with Fortnite, you can build"
Shroud claims Fortnite "number one" battle royale, over Apex Legends and Warzone

The recent onslaught of hacking issues in Call of Duty Warzone has seen many notable Twitch stars flee to Apex Legends. This includes Warzone icon and FaZe Clan co-founder, NICKMERCS and Twitch legend, TimTheTatman.

Former Cloud 9 pro player and Twitch icon, Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek, does not appear to be as convinced. Shroud has been a long-time advocate for Apex Legends but turned heads after he made a bold claim, saying that Fortnite is really the "number one" title when it comes to the battle royale gaming genre.

Shroud says Fortnite "number one" battle royale

Shroud revealed that he thinks Fortnite could be the "number one" battle royale because of its unique feature to build structures. "To me, Fortnite’s number one. It’s unique. And Apex Legends is number two. That’s if we’re talking competitive gameplay. With Fortnite, you can build", he said.

shroud fortnite number one battle royale
Shroud claims Fortnite is the "number one" battle royale (Picture: Twitch / Shroud)

The former Cloud 9 pro also revealed the reason he disliked battle royales. He explained how in every battle royale match in Warzone, Apex Legends or even PUBG, team fights are ruined when teams are third-partied. "You're fighting and poking, poking [and] then just get railed from the side", Shroud explained.

Although he does acknowledge that getting third-partied is just "the nature of the genre", he explains that Fortnite at least has a way to combat this issue - by building.

“It’s why Fortnite is a very, very good competitive battle royale", he said. He later added: “It’s amazing for that, because you, the player, get out of those sticky situations. I think that’s really cool".

shroud plays fortnite for first time
Shroud plays Fortnite (Picture: YouTube / Shroud)

Shroud certainly has a point but of course, everyone has their own opinions on which games they most prefer. Regardless of the subjective drawbacks noted, some players prefer the third-partying experience and believe that it adds an extra level of dimension and skill to the game.

shroud fortnite number one apex legends warzone twitch
Shroud claims Fortnite is the "number" one battle royale (Picture: Twitch / Shroud)

At least Shroud has a sense of humour about it. He concluded by saying that he wishes he was better at the game, "or good at all" for that matter.

We'll leave it to you to decide whether you agree with Shroud or not. Let us know your thoughts by hitting us up on Twitter.

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Header image via Epic Games / Shroud on Twitch.