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What is Fortnite Rule 34?

Not limited to Fortnite, Rule 34 is an internet-wide phenomenon that can apply to the entire games industry.
What is Fortnite Rule 34?

If you've been on the internet long enough, certain terms and pop culture phenomenons will inevitably reach the little corner of the cyberspace you inhabit. Fortnite is undeniably one of those groundbreaking games and has become a staple of internet culture in ways few others can boast.

Hollywood stars, musicians, and more have all shown up in the battle royale, either with special events or as unique skins. And as Fortnite's popularity continues to grow, it has become, like many other things on the internet, a victim of what's colloquially known as Rule 34.

Now, Fortnite R34 is not something that's publicly spoken about, usually reserved for the secretive hubs of the digital world and those using incognito tabs on Google Chrome. And there's a good reason for it. 

What is Fortnite R34?

fortnite r34
You might want to put up an incognito browser to check out what Fortnite Rule 34 is. (Picture: Epic Games)

As we've mentioned, Rule 34 is not something exclusive to Fortnite, but Epic Game's battle royale is certainly one of the most searched terms paired with the concept. In essence, Rule 34 dictates that if something exists, there will be porn of it somewhere on the internet.

Fortnite, like many gaming properties, features a wide, ever-growing cast of characters, making it a perfect franchise for R34, according to artists. The origin of these rules can be tracked all the way back to 2006 according to Dictionary.com. First posted as a satirical entry on Encyclopedia Dramatica, a year later in 2007, 4chan founder Christopher Poole explained that site users preferred these makeshift "rules of the internet" over the web's proper ones.

Some sources say there are a total of 50 rules of the internet, but there isn't a consensus regarding the veracity of this. Regardless, it's not like they're meant to be taken seriously in the first place.

Rule 34 is perhaps the most popular one but it isn't the only widely accepted one. For example, Rule 35 dictates that if there isn't porn of something, it will pop up eventually.

Some games, such as Overwatch, have gained massive notoriety within the R34 community. At the peak of its popularity in 2016, Blizzard issued constant takedowns against artists creating NSFW art involving their characters.

fortnite r34
Rule 34 is something that's not exclusive to Fortnite. (Picture: Epic Games)

Three years later, in 2019, a new D.Va schoolgirl skin had creators rushing to get their hands on her model for lewd purposes. Of course, some efforts involve more than just an artist's craftsmanship. A lot of the R34 content is video, with voice actors and animators chiming in as well.

Regardless of how you and gaming companies feel about it, there's a reason why Rule 34 is the most popular "rule of the internet," and that's because it's the only one that's absolute.


Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.