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Fortnite Mantling feature - How to use

Epic Games just added an awesome new climbing mechanic to their popular battle royale, here's how to use the Fortnite Mantling feature to grab ledges.
Fortnite Mantling feature - How to use

The Fortnite battle royale world continues to live in a state of pandemonium after the end of Chapter 3 Season 1. So much new content was featured throughout the debut of the new chapter and the results thus far have been spectacular.

It's now time for Season 2 and Epic Games has completely changed the state of play with some awesome new features. Tactical sprinting is now available for players to escape quicker with short bursts of pace, and that's not all.

Players will be able to grab onto rooftops and ledges after a long wait for the climbing mechanic in the battle royale. Check out everything you need to know here about how to use the new Fortnite Mantling feature.

How to grab ledges in Fortnite - Mantling feature

Fortnite Mantling mechanic
Players can now grab ledges and pull themselves up in Fortnite with the new Mantling feature. (Picture: Epic Games)

In one of the biggest developments since Fortnite first debuted, Epic Games have removed the building feature in Chapter 3 Season 2, preventing players from creating structures. While there's no word yet on how long the change is set to last, the game developers have made other amends to accommodate the new gameplay.

Satisfying the longtime request of many Fortnite players, a Mantling feature is now live allowing players to pull themselves up onto ledges. One of the classic Fortnite frustrations was having to clear ledges completely with your feet in order to access that area.

Now if you can't quite make it over the top with your jump or glide, grab the ledge by pressing the jump button (A, X, Space Bar) in mid-air as you make contact with the point you want to mantle. A prompt will also pop up on the screen to Mantle to help get the timing down.

It's easiest to use the Mantling feature when sprinting towards a ledge, as you'll be able to time the grab better. But do note you must be facing the ledge in order to grab onto it and Mantle over the top.

This comes at the perfect time for players to get used to the new controls as they'll need it in order to climb to high points without a building feature. It will also be rewarding to learn the new feature, as there is a Season 2 Week 1 challenge that requires players to Mantle onto a ledge within 3 seconds of Sprinting.

For a video example of how to use the new Mantling feature, check out this quick tutorial from YouTube creator Vizion.

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Featured image courtesy of Epic Games.