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Forza Motorsport Featured Tours (2024): All New Tour Events

Each month, a themed Featured Tour becomes available for players to complete races and earn the Showcase Reward Car in Forza Motorsport.
Forza Motorsport Featured Tours (2024): All New Tour Events
(Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

Forza Motorsport has an array of Live Events from Featured Rivals and Featured Multiplayer, which includes Open and Spec Series events. The Featured Tour is another type of Live Event content in which race events are premised around a specific theme monthly with a Showcase event to complete the Tour.

As there are about four to five race events to participate in each Featured Tour, these will be available before unlocking the Showcase event in-game for a limited time. For players looking to add another monumental career feat to their resume, we’ve compiled all the race events, Spotlight Cars, and the Showcase Reward Car for the current and upcoming Featured Tour in Forza Motorsport.

3rd January 2024 Update: This guide reflects that the Tip of the Spear Featured Tour event will commence on 4th January 2024 for Forza Motorsport. The original reporting continues below.

All Featured Tour Events For Forza Motorsport (January 2024)

forza motorsport events guide live events featured tours december 2023 contemporary tour schedule
Turn 10 Studios confirmed the race events, Spotlight Cars, and Showcase Reward Car for the upcoming Contemporary Tour for Forza Motorsport. (Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

Featured Tours are one of the Live Events players can experience for a limited time in Forza Motorsport on a weekly basis. These career events will be themed around moments in automotive history, car manufacturers, classes, and more, with various activities available to complete in-game.

These will primarily be race events for players to participate in each week with various track cars, including the Spotlight Car featured for the given week. Speaking of limited time, these events can be completed within two weeks after their release, which the developer noted “gives players more flexibility to enjoy the content at their own pace.”

Once players have completed all four to five events within the Featured Tour, they’ll unlock the Showcase event, with a Spotlight Car also featured. It’s important to note that players who enter this Showcase event will receive the spotlighted car as a reward, which should excite players looking to add more cars to their garage.

So far, there have been two Featured Tours, Track Tour and Prestige Tour, for October and November, respectively. The developer confirmed the forthcoming Featured Tour, the Contemporary Tour, during the recent Forza Monthly livestream, which will be included in the next game update, Update 3.0, which will be released sometime in January 2024.

Let’s take a look at all the Featured Tours and all race events, Spotlight Cars, the Showcase event, and Reward Cars for Forza Motorsport:

Forza Motorsport Featured Tours (Dec. 2023/Jan. 2024) – Contemporary Tour
Tour Event: Available Dates: Spotlight Car:
Italian Ingenuity 14th - 21st December 2023 2020 Automobili Pininfarina Battista
Hybrid Ferocity 21st - 28th December 2023 2022 Ferrari 296 GTB
Tip of the Spear 4th - 11th January 2024 2021 McLaren Sabre
Valkyrie Challenge 11th - 18th January 2024 2023 Aston Martin Valkyrie
Showcase Event Until 31st January 2024 2022 Pagani Huayra R (REWARD CAR)

Once all race events have been completed, the Showcase event will immediately unlock, and completing this event, regardless of finished position, will own a new car. The 2022 Pagani Huayra R is the Reward Car to receive, as players have until 31st January 2024 to complete the Featured Tour and earn this car.

Forza Motorsport is available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, Cloud Gaming, Windows PC, and Steam. The next game update, Update 3.0, will be released for the abovementioned platforms sometime in December 2023.