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Forza Motorsport Featured Multiplayer: How To Unlock Spec & Open Series

Before starting a Featured Multiplayer event, players must complete the Qualify Series to access the Spec and Open Series in Forza Motorsport.
Forza Motorsport Featured Multiplayer: How To Unlock Spec & Open Series
(Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

Forza Motorsport’s multiplayer modes have been given a massive revamp during development, which has added plenty of new and familiar features. The Featured Multiplayer will have race events in one of two playlists, Spec, and Open Series, that focus on a specific car class, manufacturer, or racing moment that players can participate in.

Nevertheless, to enter the Spec or Open Series events, players must first qualify by completing three races to gain access. Get ready and meet up at the starting line as we’ve explained how to unlock the Spec and Open Series events in Forza Motorsport.

How To Unlock The Spec & Open Series Events In Forza Motorsport?

The Spec and Open Series are the main playlists players will find in the Featured Multiplayer mode for Forza Motorsport. As explained in our comprehensive guide on this gameplay mode, the events featured in these playlists will regularly rotate to add new events, featured race tracks, spotlight cars, and new race parameters to abide by.

However, gaining access to these events will require players to test their racing aptitude as they’ll need to “unlock” the Spec and Open Series playlists by completing the Introduction Series first. The Qualify Series is the only requirement needed as players must complete three different races on different race tracks in the spotlighted car, the 2020 Honda #73 LA Honda World Racing Civic or Spec Honda #73 Civic as it’s listed on the playlist.

This evens the playing field for all drivers entering each race, as the car will be pre-tuned by the Forza team for “the fairest and most competitive experience possible.” As there are no entry criteria other than the spotlight car, players will have up to five minutes before the event begins, and they have the option to start the Open Practise to get a feel for each race track and the car itself.

forza motorsport gameplay guide game modes featured multiplayer spec series open series how to unlock how to access qualify series
Players must complete the Qualify Series playlist to access the Spec and Open Series events in Forza Motorsport. (Picture: Turn 10 Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

There is an option to skip the current lap and retry to post their fastest lap time, for which they have a half hour (30 minutes) in the Open Practise before each race begins. During each race, players will earn Car XP from events, which helps level their current car and unlock various rewards such as Credits and car parts for their vehicle.

All players need to do is complete all three races in the Qualify Series for the Featured Multiplayer mode to complete the playlist regardless of their final race position. This will unlock the events in the Spec and Open Series playlists, which they will have access to, and they can start competing to continue leveling the car and unlocking more rewards in Forza Motorsport.

Forza Motorsport will be available on 10th October 2023 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, Cloud Gaming, Windows PC, and Steam. Players who’ve pre-ordered the game will receive Early Access, which begins on 5th October 2023.