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Where To Enable The Leaderboard Standings In Forza Motorsport

Driven by power and fueled by victory, keep up-to-date with the leaderboard standings as we've explained how to turn it on in Forza Motorsport.
Where To Enable The Leaderboard Standings In Forza Motorsport
(Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

Over the decades, the leaderboard has been a mainstay in racing games, representing players' positioning during a racing event. Providing crucial information, including drivers that are placed in front and behind you based on the time or distance gap, can help players aim to get a top three or pole position finish.

With Forza Motorsport, this nifty system is still present in-game, and after completing the Open Practice rounds, you can head straight into a race, but this feature isn't visible on-screen. Learn how to enable the leaderboard and toggle associated settings to get ahead of your opponents in Forza Motorsport.

How To Turn On The Leaderboard Standings In Forza Motorsport?

Yes, Forza Motorsport does have the Leaderboard functionality in-game, although it is not active by default. Multiple leaderboards are present in Forza Motorsport; however, the specific one being referred to is what players can see or view during race events, which helps them determine their placement, lap times, drivers ahead and behind them in the standings.

forza motorsport seetings guide leaderboard standings mini leaderboard how to turn on enable settings
Players can enable the Mini Leaderboard by heading into the Settings menu for Forza Motorsport. (Picture: turn 10 Studios / Ashleigh Klein)

It's somewhat confusing that this isn't automatically available for players to have access to, but luckily, with some searching and toggling of settings, you can view it when needed. To turn on the leaderboard standings in Forza Motorsport, players must navigate to the game's Main Menu and locate the Settings option on-screen.

Scroll across the available Settings tab to find the "Gameplay & HUD," and underneath it, look for the option reading "Mini Leaderboard." Players must enable the "On" setting or only have it appear during "Multiplayer Only," which they'll receive additional settings that they can toggle specifically for this Mini Leaderboard.

This includes showing the leaderboard intervals as the time gaps or distance gaps, and they can save their settings to have it appear during race events. We advise toggling the leaderboard interval to time, not distance, as this reflects driver placement better, similar to what's featured in professional racing events.

Forza Motorsport is available for Xbox Series X|S, PC via the Microsoft Store and Steam and through Xbox Game Pass for console, PC, and Cloud Gaming as of 10th October 2023.