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Forza Motorsport Featured Multiplayer Mode & Events Explained

Players can jump into new multiplayer content featuring themed and casual events in an all-new weekend structure for Forza Motorsport.
Forza Motorsport Featured Multiplayer Mode & Events Explained
(Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

Developer Turn 10 Studios will feature two competitive gameplay modes to provide players with the best overall racing experience in Forza Motorsport. While its single-player Career Mode aims at car progression with an RPG flair, its multiplayer mode has been revamped with a new in-game structure that rotates events frequently.

The Featured Multiplayer mode will comprise distinctive playlists with events, features, and mechanics to promote clean racing behavior and celebrate all things automotive. If you’re a little unclear on what the Featured Multiplayer entails, we’ve provided a comprehensive and spoiler-free guide into the world of the featured Multiplayer mode for Forza Motorsport.

What Is The Featured Multiplayer Mode In Forza Motorsport?

The Featured Multiplayer mode has been revamped for Forza Motorsport to give players an in-game experience of the real-world racing weekend. As such, the developer has created a playlist that features several “pre-defined” live events within the Featured Multiplayer mode for players to participate in.

This new approach merges previous iterations of the multiplayer modes that appeared throughout the Forza Motorsport series into a more in-depth and comprehensive experience for players. When starting in the Featured Multiplayer mode, players will be given a brief description of how it works as there are several themed live events for them to participate in: Spec and Open Events.

Spec Series will primarily focus on car divisions with various events with a spotlight car that all will drive to ensure an even playing field and will be featured consistently in this playlist. Additionally, there will be a few themed events that place the spotlight on other divisions and other notable events in motorsport history.

The Open Series playlist doesn’t have the parameters of the Spec Series, as players can bring their favorite car within a specific Performance Index (PI) class to the races weekly. The events featured in this playlist will rotate weekly, featuring a different car class for players to bring out their best in said class to race.

The Spec and Open Series will have one event to start the playlist, with new events available to join every half hour (30 minutes). Depending on the event they’ve joined, it will have a set of parameters from time of day, weather conditions, featured track, and more to ensure that no two races are the same.

Likewise, players can take advantage of various racing elements to get ahead of the competition or help you gain some ground, like the pitstop, optimizing your fuel and tyres, and more. Moreover, a new mechanic called the Forza Race Regulations is “powered by machine learning” that monitors the race and identifies multiple incidents and sudden occurrences.

forza motorsport explainer guide featured multiplayer explained content roadmap
There are a few multiplayer events to start your journey to the podium in Forza Motorsport. (Picture: Turn 10 Studios)

From going off-course or off-road to track cutting and collisions, it will adjudicate the incident and determine whether they’ll be penalized. If you’ve received too many penalties within a race, the player will be automatically disqualified based on the severity of the incidents.

This will affect their Driver and Safety Ratings, influencing matchmaking results as you’ll be paired with similar players. The Driver Rating is mainly skill-based, while the Safety Rating corresponds to your behavior on the tracks, where they’ll be graded based on how clean your racing behavior was.

Both live events will follow a weekend structure, which will be frequently updated with new content and rewards and showcase forthcoming events with the requirements to meet. The developer will announce new playlists for the Spec and Open Series monthly for players to look forward to.

Forza Motorsport will be available on 10th October 2023 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass, Cloud Gaming, Windows PC, and Steam. Players who’ve pre-ordered the game will receive Early Access, which begins on 5th October 2023.