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Genshin Impact 3.0 – All New Sumeru Living Beings

Learn more about Sumeru's robust climate and ecosystem, which includes new creatures and plants thriving in Genshin Impact 3.0 update.
Genshin Impact 3.0 – All New Sumeru Living Beings

The new Genshin Impact Sumeru region's warm, tropical climate gives rise to a crop of new living beings thriving in the area. These creatures take advantage of the robust environments and adopt various locations within the Sumeru rainforest as their home.

With Tighnari and the Forest Rangers on duty to protect the ecosystem and those that make it it is home from any threats, Travelers would be wise to be careful when encountering them in the wild. We'll look at all living beings set to debut in the Genshin Impact 3.0 update.

All Living Beings Appearing In Genshin Impact 3.0 Update

The Genshin Impact 3.0 update introduces three new living beings who call the Sumeru rainforest their home. While some are kindred and harmless when found, others are pretty territorial and can attack when threatened.

genshin impact 3.0 update sumeru rainforest new living beings shaggy sumpter beast friends of humanity
The Shaggy Sumpter Beast is a new creature Travelers can spot in Sumeru's rainforest. (Picture: YouTube / Genshin Impact)

The first of these living beings, the Shaggy Sumpter Beast, are considered "friends of humanity" by the people of Sumeru. Noted for their rather round appearance, thick fur, and relaxed demeanor, the Shaggy Sumpter Beast are reliable as they're used for transporting goods and production.

As the people and living beings try to live in harmony across the region; however, only one can claim that they're "the king of the jungle." The Rishboland Tiger is another creature Travelers will likely meet during their adventures when traveling through the woods, but we advise Travelers to proceed with caution if they spot them.

genshin impact 3.0 update sumeru rainforest woods new living beings rishboland tiger
The nation of Sumeru considers the Rishboland Tiger to be "the king of the jungle." (Picture: YouTube / Genshin Impact)

While exploring deep within the rainforests, there are plenty of swamps and lakes running through the area, providing a source of sustenance. But beware as the Spinocrocodile also call the waters its home, attacking underwater with its ferocious bite.

But when taking a break from explorations, Travelers can observe a creature in the rainforest that may be familiar to them. Due to its surroundings, the Forest Boar has undergone a remarkable transformation with the Shroom-Kin to produce a new species, the Shroomboar.

genshin impact 3.0 update sumeru rainforest new living beings shroomboar forest boar shroom-kin
The Shroomboar is a brand new species native to Sumeru that is a hybrid of the Forest Boar and the Shroom-Kin. (Picture: YouTube / Genshin Impact)

Lastly, there is new flora that also thrives throughout the rainforests of Sumeru. It's not clear what the significance of the Zaytun Peach, Padisarah, and Kalpalata Lotus is, but for the nation that prides itself on its lush environments, these plants certainly have some meaning to the people of Sumeru.

The Genshin Impact 3.0 update, "The Morn a Thousand Roses Brings," releases for PlayStation consoles, mobile devices, and PC via the Epic Games Store on 24th August 2022.

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Featured image courtesy of HoYoverse.