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Genshin Impact 3.0 – Tighnari's Constellations Explained

The 5-star character Tighnari has Constellations that could potentially rival other DPS characters but are they any good in Genshin Impact?
Genshin Impact 3.0 – Tighnari's Constellations Explained

Genshin Impact's Tighnari is the game's first 5-star Dendro character, and those looking for an equally strong DPS main akin to Ganyu should invest in pulling him. For this reason, he's featured on his Character Event Wish banner, available until 9th September 2022, as he'll receive a massive "drop-rate boost."

To bolster his Constellations requires Constellation Activation Material items to unlock each level of his Constellation. We'll detail all his Constellation levels, what they mean and whether they're any good in Genshin Impact.

How Does Tighnari's Constellations Work In Genshin Impact?

Whether Tighnari's Constellations are valuable or not requires understanding what they do at each level when unlocked. Below, we've detailed all six of his Constellations which they can use his Stella Fortuna to activate each of his Constellation levels:

genshin impact 3.0 constellations guide stella fortuna unlocking activate trigger
Unlocking each of Tighnari's Constellation levels requires six Stella Fortuna to upgrade his DPS stats. (Picture: YouTube / Zy0x)
  • C1 - Beginnings Determined at the Roots: The CRIT Rate increases by 15% for Tighnari's Charged Attack
  • C2 - Origins Known From the Stem: Enemies within the radius of the Vijnana-Khanda Field made by his Elemental Skill, Vijnana-Phala Mine, he'll receive a Dendro DMG Bonus of 20%, which lasts six seconds once the field is no more or no enemies are near the area.
  • C3 - Fortunes Read Amongst the Branches: Tighnari's Elemental Burst, Fashioner's Tanglevine Shaft, increases its level by three.
  • C4 - Withering Glimpsed in the Leaves: Once Tighnari uses his Elemental Burst, his party members increase their Elemental Mastery by 60 for eight seconds. Should it activate one of the Dendro reactions (Burning, Bloom, quicken, or Spread), they'll receive a further increase in their Elemental Mastery by 60, for which the latter can see its duration refreshed.
  • C5 - Comprehension Amidst the Flowers: His Elemental Skill, Vijnana-Phala Mine, increases its level by three.
  • C6 - Karma Adjudged From the Leaden Fruit: The charging time for Tighnari's Wreath Arrow will decrease by 0.9 seconds and create an additional Clusterbloom Arrow once it hits an enemy. It will consume 150% of his ATK to be used as DMG.

While Tighnari's C1, C2, C3, and C5 primarily increase his DPS stats, his level four is extremely powerful for elemental reaction-based line-ups. This means they can consistently trigger the elemental reactions for the characters that work off it to inflict more DMG to enemies.

In addition, his C6 is reasonably good as he'll fire more arrows once using his Elemental Skill, Vijnana-Phala Mine. With the charging time for his Wreath Arrow reduced and allowing him to fire a Clusterbloom Arrow with every hit, his charged arrows will fire faster and be more potent once they've struck.

genshin impact 3.0 constellations guide level six wreath arrow hunters path bow weapon
Tighnari's C6 grants him a decrease in charging time for his Wreath Arrow, and he gains an additional Clusterbloom Arrow when it hits an enemy. (Picture: YouTube / Genshin Impact)

Therefore, activating his Constellations requires the Constellation Activation Material items, Stella Fortuna. These can help him reach his next Constellation level, but to do so means they would need to pull him from the banners at least seven times successfully.

This is because they can only gain six Stella Fortuna for each character as they have their unique version of this item. Using them will then unlock each Constellation level, thus making them more potent as it will increase Tighnari's DPS stats.

Are Tighnari's Constellations Any Good In Genshin Impact?

genshin impact 3.0 constellations guide character event wish banner tighnari collei
After the Character Event Wish banner ends, Tighnari will be available on the standard banner in the 3.1 update. (Picture: HoYoverse)

Deciding whether to pull for Tighnari right now isn't worth doing just for his Constellations and instead should be held off until his Character Event Wish banner concludes. At C0, he's already a viably strong character, and it's been confirmed he'll appear on the standard character or Wanderlust Invocation banner in the 3.1 update.

As such, it will be worth pulling this character, especially from these standard banners, or losing 50/50 when you hit the pity, playing through the game, and using Fate to unlock him. Eventually, they'll be able to unlock his Constellations using Stella Fortuna when receiving duplications of Tighnari from the Wishes.

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Featured image courtesy of HoYoverse.