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Genshin Impact Midsummer Island Adventure: Gameplay details, challenges, rewards, and more

A new summer journey has begun, as the new 1.6 update has brought lots of new challenges and minigames to Genshin Impact.
After much anticipation and lots of teasers revealed in the previous weeks, the 1.6 update of Genshin Impact has finally arrived, bringing a big batch of content as part of this summer patch with the debut of Kazuha, new summer outfits for Barbara and Jean, and many challenges with rewards waiting for you.

The grand event of this update has brought a new Midsummer Island Adventure, where players will have the chance to prove their abilities in a series of minigames around the beaches of Teyvat, defeating hordes of enemies while discovering a new archipelago.

So for this time, we will guide you on all challenges available within this event, so you can be prepared to face every threat and task you will be asked to complete, and to make the most out of this summer adventure.

Midsummer Island Adventure Details

In order to be part of the event, it is necessary to have reached Adventure Rank 21 or above, and to have completed the Archon Quest "Song of the Dragon and Freedom" and "Trifolium Chapter: Act I - True Treasure".

Once you have met these requirements, you will have access to this interface, where you can start checking some of the details of the event:

Genshin Midsummer Island Rewards challenges details event act 1 2 3 4(Picture: miHoYo)

This event is divided into four acts, with each act opening upon completion of the previous act. During the adventure, Travelers will need to go to a mysterious group of islands, where they will need to complete a variety of challenges to obtain rewards and complete the act.

Act I - Main Cannon, Make Ready... Fire!

In the first act, Travelers will need to sail the Waverider, a very mysterious waterborne vehicle that can be summoned using a Skiff Waypoint around the coasts of Teyvat. Players will have to navigate around the sea while destroying floating enemy structures and barriers using cannonballs.

Genshin Midsummer Island Rewards challenges details event act 1 2 3 4(Picture: miHoYo)

Some of these will not be destroyed that easily as their structures will be stronger, so you will have to deal with its enemies with your own hands. Also, take care of the Whirlpools as these can damage your Waverider severely.

Once you defeat all monsters, the challenge will be completed and you will obtain several rewards such as Primogems, Mora, Hero’s Wit, and Shiny Flotsams.

Act II - Whirlpool off to Starboard... Full Speed Ahead!

For the lovers of racing, this challenge will feature a time trial divided into a sea section and an airborne section, so you will have to sail your Waverider and glide at some points of the trial.

Genshin Midsummer Island Rewards challenges details event act 1 2 3 4(Picture: miHoYo)

The objective of this event is to collect as many Wavesplitter Insignias as possible, both by sailing or gliding, and also depending on your final time, so you can get a better score.

Reaching certain scores will let you obtain these rewards:

  • 10,000 points: Primogems and Mora

  • 20,000 points: Mora and Talent Books

  • 30,000 points: Mora and Hero’s Wit

Act III - Samurai Sighted... To Arms!

In this act, Travelers will have to face a brand new boss known as the Maguu Kenki, found in a new location around the island introduced in the update.

Genshin Midsummer Island Rewards challenges details event act 1 2 3 4(Picture: miHoYo)

Take care of his Cryo attacks as this monstrous opponent can be quite hard to reach, especially when its HP drops below a certain amount and changes to his Phantom Stage.

Once you defeat him, you will be able to claim rewards from this location’s Trounce Blossom, while upon completing some Event Challenges, players can receive some extra rewards.


Act IV - Harpastum Bombs Loaded... Blow 'Em Away!

For this final act, players will be able to use three different kinds of Harpastum Bombs, to clear out monster fortifications. These bombs can be crafted using the crafting table found in one of the islands. The materials needed can also be collected around the islands.

Genshin Midsummer Island Rewards challenges details event act 1 2 3 4(Picture: miHoYo)

There are three kinds of bombs, each one with different effects:

  • Straight Shooter: A Harpastum Bomb with a comfy weight that makes it easy to control and aim accurately. It can deal a large amount of Pyro DMG to a single opponent.
  • Floaty Splody: A Harpastum Bomb of cunning design that sends little bits flying every which way when it explodes, dealing a certain amount of Pyro DMG in a wide AoE.
  • Hot Pod: A Harpastum Bomb brimming with Pyro energy. When unleashed, it will explode violently, dealing a small amount of Pyro DMG in a small AoE but being extraordinarily effective against Cryo shields.

Once you make enough bombs, you can equip these through the Gadget section of your inventory, so you can approach enemy camp, blow them away, and complete the challenge to get rewards and Mini “Harpastums”, which can be used in the Event Shop along with the Shiny Flotsams.

Midsummer Island Adventure Rewards

Depending on the Shiny Flotsams and Mini “Harpastums” you collect, you can exchange for many exclusive rewards between furniture for your Serenitea Pot, Enhancement Materials, and last but not least, the Dodoco Tales and its Fragments of Innocence, which can be used to increase its power

Genshin Midsummer Island Rewards challenges details event act 1 2 3 4(Picture: miHoYo)

The Midsummer Island Adventure challenges and its Event Shop will be available from the arrival of the 1.6 update, until 29th June 2021.

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