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Genshin Impact Through the Mist—A Particularly Particular Author guide: How to clear all mist on Tsurumi island

We walk you through every step of Through the Mist—A Particularly Particular Author world quest. Helping you to remove all mist from Tsurumi island.
Genshin Impact 2.2 update is here, and with that, players finally have access to the Inazuma region's sixth and last island called Tsurumi. With a brand new content update and a whole new area to explore, players have a plentitude of world quests, puzzles, challenges, treasures and other things to take on and quench their thirst for content. 

Among the list of content added to Genshin Impact with version 2.2 update, we have an intricate world quest that players have to complete to clear the mist surrounding Tsurumi island. The world quest that we are talking about is Through the Mist—A Particularly Particular Author.

In this Genshin Impact guide, we will walk you through A Particularly Particular Author sub-quest whilst talking about the next in line quest you have to clear to completely get rid of the mist on Tsurumi island. 

How to get Through the Mist - A Particularly Particular Author world quest

Genshin Impact Tsurumi mist quest
A Particularly Particular Author world quest is found under the world quest section. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

To get Through the Mist—A Particularly Particular Author world quest in Genshin Impact, players must have completed the Seirai Stormchasers world quest.

If you have already completed the said quest, open your quest log, and you will find Through the Mist - A Particularly Particular Author quest under the world quest section. 

Through the Mist - A Particularly Particular Author quest guide 

How to complete mist quest genshin impact
Inazuma Katheryne. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

To begin A Particularly Particular Author sub-quest, go and talk to Katheryne at Inazuma adventurer's guild

Genshin Impact sumida
Sumida the writer. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

She will tell you about the Tsurumi island commission and ask you to meet the person who put the commission. Her name is Sumida. Go to the marked location and talk to Sumida

Genshin Impact ritou
Kama is found at the docks of Ritou. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Sumida will talk about herself, the people she sent to Tsurumi island before the traveller and other lore related things. Exhaust her dialogues, and she will ask you to go and talk to Kama. He will take you to Tsurumi island.  

Genshin Impact tsurumi island
Go to Tsurumi island main entrance. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Once you arrive at Tsurumi island, you will get the objective to Travel to Tsurumi island. It is a little illogical, as you are already standing on Tsurumi island. Anyways, you can complete the objective by going to the marked location. 

Genshin Impact
Talk to the mysterious boy. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

You are looking for Maushiro on an uncharted island full of mist and with little to no information. Thankfully, right when you enter Tsurumi island, you find a mysterious boy, go and talk to him. 

Genshin IMpact mist quest
Go to the marked location. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Exhaust his dialogues, and he will ask you to meet him at another location. Go to the destination and talk to Ruu, the mysterious boy.

Genshin Impact ruu
Touch the perch. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Next, you have to touch the perch. Once you do that, you have to find three feathers of the Thunderbird and bring them back to the perch as an offering. 

Genshin IMpact feathers make offering
Find feathers and make an offering. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

You can find the feathers in the vicinity of the perch. Once you have all feathers, go and make an offering at the perch

Genshin IMpact ruu
Talk to Ruu. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Report back to Ruu and exhaust his dialogues. Go to the ceremonial site and look for the priest. You can find him standing at the end of the ceremonial site. Straight ahead from the site's entrance. 

Genshin Impact mata priest tsurumi
Mata is the priest that you are looking for. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

The priest will ask you to make offerings. That is, you have to make your way through the mist and make an offering at the remaining three perches.  

The location of the three perches are mentioned below - 

  • Chirai shrine

  • Shirikoro peak 

  • West of Oina beach

Chirai shrine perch 

Genshin Impact remove mist from tsurumi
Remove mist from remaining areas. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

The perch is located north of Chirai Shrine. Go to the player icon location and talk to Ruu. Once you have exhausted his dialogues, go and touch the perch. 

Genshin Chirai shrine perch
Chirai shrine perch. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Once you touch the perch, you have to find three feathers. Look in your mini-map and you will find the location of all three feathers. 

Keep in mind, when you approach a feather, they may move to another location. So, either keep an eye on them or go to a high location and look for blue glowing light.

Genshin Impact feather tsurumi island
Use a feather as an offering. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

After you have gathered all three feathers, go back to the perch and make an offering.  

Genshin Impact
Make the offering to the perch. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

After a short cutscene, the perch will get restored and you will clear the mist around the Chirai shrine area. 

Shirikoro peak perch 

Genshin Impact shirikoro peak perch
Shirikoro peak perch. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

When you arrive at Shirikoro Peak, you will find a cave entrance. Enter it, and you will find the perch and Ruu standing beside it.

Ruu Genshin Impact
Talk to Ruu. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Talk to Ruu and exhaust his dialogues. Or, you can go through them as they share the Tsurumi island lore. 

Genshin IMpact
Touch the perch. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Once again, touch the perch and then look for three feathers. When you look at your mini-map, you find the feathers are located below underwater. 

To unflood the area, you have to find three Seelie and guide them to their respective pillars. 

Genshin Impact second seelie
Second Seelie. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

The first Seelie is on top of a root, right to the perch. The second Seelie is found below, in an inclined rock formation.  

Third seelie
Third Seelie. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

You can find the third and final Seelie at the cave entrance. 

Genshin Impact seelie pillars
The Seelie pillars are located beside the perch. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Guide her to the pillar and you will successfully unflood the area. 

(Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Jump down and you will find the three feathers. Collect one as the other two will move to the next room. 

Genshin IMpact connect the circuits
Connect the circuits using relay stones. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

To open the gate and collect another feather, you have to solve a relay stone puzzle. In the room, you will find three relay stones, collect and place them as shown in the above screenshots. 

Genshin Impact circruits relay stones
Connect the circuits using relay stones. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Once you successfully place all the relay stones and solve the puzzle, an exquisite chest will spawn and the seal on the mechanism will get undone. 

Genshin Impact
Connect the circuits using relay stones. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Go and activate the mechanism to open the door. In the next room, you will find another feather guarded by a ruin guard. Defeat the ruin guard and collect the second feather. 

Genshin IMpact
Activate the mechanism to open the door. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Move to the next room, and you will find a big area with lower parts flooded. Once again, find three Seelie to unflood the area. 

Three seelie
Find and guide three Seelie to remove the seal on the mechanism. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

You can find the two Seelie in the vicinity. While the third one is located behind the broken building beyond a breakable rock. 

Genshin Impact seelie
Seelie hidden behind the breakable rock. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Foggy Guidance achievement unlocked 

Once you guide all three Seelies in the area to their respective pillars, you will unlock the Foggy Guidance achievement,

Genshin IMpact foggy guidance
Foggy Guidance achievement unlocked. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

The seal on the mechanism is undone. Now activate the mechanism to unflood the lower levels.

Genshin Impact relay puzzle in lower level
Relay puzzle in lower level. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Once again you have to solve a relay puzzle. Gather three relay stones found in the vicinity and place one relay stone in the lower level to activate the electro circuit. 

Genshin Impact
Relay puzzle in the upper level. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

With the help of the above screenshot, place the remaining two relay stones to solve the puzzle. Once that is done, a chest will spawn and the seal on the door mechanism is undone. 

Genshin Impact
Collect the last feather. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Activate the mechanism and enter the next room. There you will find the last feather. 

Genshin IMpact shirikoro peak
Make an offering to the Shirikoro peak perch. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Now make your way to the Shirikoro peak cave entrance and make an offering to the perch. Doing so will clear the mist around Shirikoro peak. 

Perch found west of Oina beach 

Genshin IMpact oina beach
Perch found west of Oina beach. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Make your way to the perch found west of Oina beach. Once you reach there, touch the perch. 

Genshin IMpact second feather location
Second feather location. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Look for three feathers. One is hidden behind an electro barrier. You can use a nearby thunder sakura bough to summon an Electrograna to get past the barrier and collect the feather. 

The second feather is located atop a Hilichurl camp. And the third and final feather is also found in the same area. Keep an eye on your surroundings and mini-map. Once you have all feathers. Go back to the perch and make an offering. 

Genshin IMpact
Make an offering. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Finally, you have made offerings at all three perches. As you can see in the below Genshin Impact map screenshot, the mist from Tsurumi island is gone. 

Clear mist in tsurumi Island genshin impact
Tsurumi island mist cleared. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Return to the ceremonial site and only to find no one. The priest and everyone else is gone. Check the light emitting from the priest's location. 

Genshin Impact
Check the light. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Obtain the Maushiro. 

Genshin IMpact narukami island
Talk to Kama and return to Narukami island. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Return to Kama and leave Tsurumi island. 

Genshin Impact Paimon ate it achievement unlocked
P—Paimon ate it achievement unlocked. (Picture: Hritwik/miHoYo)

Go to Inazuma city and report back to Sumida. Doing so will mark the end of the Through the Mist—A Particularly Particular Author world quest. The next day, you will find that the mist on Tsurumi island has returned once again. It marks the beginning of the second and final part of the Through the Mist world quest called "Octave of the Maushiro." It is a big quest in itself and we will cover it in the next part of the Through the Mist quest guide. 


In the meantime, don’t forget to join our community of travellers on our Genshin Impact Twitter account, where you will find tips, tricks, guides, and more.

Featured image courtesy of miHoYo.