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How to complete Prayer in Progress quest in Genshin Impact

The Prayer in Progress is a new quest in the daily commission section that players can finish to get free Primogems in Genshin Impact.
miHoYo introduced various new world quests with the Genshin Impact 2.0 update and the Travelers are now grinding to finish all of them in order to receive free Primogems. Following the expansion of the map horizons, the game now has over 26 quests within the Inazuma region

Prayer in Progress is one of the world quests that many players have recently spotted in the daily commission quests. The primary objective of this quest is to clean up the Maki’s roof in order to find Damage Note or Illegible Fortune slip. This guide will help players accomplish the Prayer in Progress quest in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Prayer in Progress quest: How to complete

To start off, teleport to the Narukami Island waypoint in Inazuma, where the players will find Maki near the shrine. Upon speaking to the Maki, they will learn about the rumours surrounding the fortune slips at the shrine. 

After a short conversation, she will assign a task “Go to the roof to clean up (0/3)”. Simply climb to the top of a roof with the help of a nearby tree and find all the three damage notes or fortune slips. Here’s the exact location of each of them. 

Fortune Slip #1

Genshin Impact Fortune slip
This fortune slip can be found on the rooftop of the house behind Maki. (Picture: Eifinr R)

Fortune Slip #2

Genshin Impact Fortune slip
This fortune slip spawns on the top of the shrine located on the right side of Maki. (Picture: Eifinr R)

Fortune Slip #3

Genshin Impact fortune slips blossom tree
Third fortune slip summons near the cherry blossom tree. (Picture: Eifinr R)

As soon as Travelers find all of them, head back to the Maki and hand over all the fortune slips by interacting with her. After a short cutscene, the Prayer in Progress quest will be marked as completed and gamers will receive free 10x Primogems as a reward.

Note: One can also collect damage notes instead of fortune slips.

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