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Genshin Impact
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How to get and use all Treasure Compasses in Genshin Impact

Learn all about the Treasure Compasses, how to unlock their diagrams and how to use them to find any chest around Teyvat.
During your adventures in Genshin Impact, you will have to explore around the seven nations and complete challenges in all of them to level up your Adventure Rank and get more exclusive rewards, XP, Primogems, and a better Reputation.

One of the best ways to complete this is by searching for hidden treasures packed with Mora, artifacts, some weapons for your characters, and even materials to enhance their power.

Genshin Impact Treasure
Teyvat is full of treasures for you to discover. (Picture: miHoYo)

As most of these treasures can be hard to find, Genshin’s 1.1 update added an artifact known as the Compasses, gadgets you can obtain for free which can be used to search for nearby Chests.

However, these compasses can only be used in the regions they were designed for: the Anemo Compass can only work in Mondstadt, while the Geo Compass only works in Liyue, and the Electro one is just for Inazuma. So, in this guide, we will tell you how to get each of these and how to use them to find any treasure faster than you ever thought.

How to get all Treasure Compasses

Getting each of the Treasure Compasses will require a lot of work from you, as all of their diagrams are obtainable via the Reputation System. Your Reputation can be increased by exploring around Teyvat and completing bounties, quests, and requests.

Genshin Impact Treasure Compass
You can get all Treasure Compasses with the Reputation System. (Picture: miHoYo)

In the case of the Anemo and Geo Compasses, you will need to reach the Reputation Level 6 in Mondstadt and Liyue to receive its diagram for free, while for the Electro Compass, you must reach Reputation Level 9 in Inazuma.

Getting to these Reputation Levels in all of the nations will take you some weeks, as there is a cap on how much Reputation they can grind a week, so try to create a routine for yourself to optimize your time and get to the needed levels as fast as you possibly can.

Once you get any of the diagrams, you will have to collect their materials and craft them in the Forge. The materials you must search for will be based on the region’s specialities, as follows:

Anemo Treasure Compass

  • 10 Golden Raven Insignias
  • 30 Philanemo Mushrooms
  • 50 Crystal Chunks
  • 50,000 Mora

Geo Treasure Compass

  • 10 Golden Raven Insignias
  • 30 Cor Lapis
  • 50 Crystal Chunks
  • 50,000 Mora

Electro Treasure Compass

  • 10 Golden Raven Insignias
  • 30 Onikabutos
  • 50 Crystal Chunks
  • 50,000 Mora

Remember you must learn each of the recipes by using them in the Precious Items section of the inventory, or else there won’t show up in your Forge options.

How to use all Treasure Compasses

After forging a compass, you must equip it from the inventory to access it from your Gadgets shortcut.

Every time you activate it, an elemental stream will briefly appear, directing you towards the nearest chest in the vicinity. If you used the compass and it found a chest close to you, it would enter a 30-second cooldown, but if unsuccessful, it would be a five-second cooldown instead.

Genshin Impact Treasure Compass
Follow the light trail from the Compass to find a hidden treasure. (Picture: miHoYo)

Unlike the Resonance Stones, chest compasses have unlimited uses, but these compasses will only work if you want to find a chest hidden behind Rock Piles, encased in stones, or wrapped in brambles.

So, if you’re looking for underground chests or some others available by completing puzzles or defeating enemies, the compass won’t work. Also, you must be out of combat, walking, and out of Domains and Dragonspine to use it.

With the release of more regions in the future, more compasses based on the rest of the Elements will be available as well, but their obtention method will be mostly the same as with the regions of Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma.

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